Busines Memo Essay

The purpose of this memo is to present research about Hofstede’s Values in Argentina for the Sale’s Department training. The goal of this memo is to inform you about Hofstede’s Values in Argentina by comparing it to the United States so that you Milll know how their thoughts work. This way business will be done appropriately. Su mmary Hofstede’s Values are the core values of how business is done.

They explain differences in all business frameworks. By comparing Argentina to the United States you will know how to talk to the workers that we will be training and understand their views so you can accommodate any differences. Discussion There are some dimensions of Hofstede’s Values, they are: power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism and collectivism, and masculinity and femininity. High power distance is the acceptance of inequality in institutions, organizations, and people. Low power distance is the acceptance of equality in power.

High uncertainty avoidance means that people support beliefs that promise certainty and conformity. Low uncertainty avoidance means that eople are fine with unstructured, unclear, and unpredictable environments. Individualism is a loose social framework where individual people are to take care of themselves, while collectivism is a tight social framework where individuals look after each other. Masculinity leans towards achievement, assertiveness, material success, promotions with benefits, and heroism.

Femininity cultures have values of social supports, building relationships, group decisions, cooperation, and quality of life. Argentina has low power distance and high uncertainty avoidance and have views of collectivism and masculinity. The United States has low power istance and low uncertainty avoidance and have views of individualism and masculinity. This means that Argentina and the united States have in common a low power distance and masculinity.

Thus, Argentina and the United Sates expect equality in power and they both think that material success is how you inspire workers to do better. What are the differences between the countries? Argentina’s collectivism views and high uncertainty avoidance differ from the United States’ individualist views and low uncertainty avoidance. This means Argentina believes in a tight knit social framework where people look after each other hile the united States believes that everyone is supposed to take care of themselves.

Also, Argentina accepts unstructured and unpredicted environments while the United States feels very uncomforta ble with that and needs structure. Recommendation Since Argentina is half as different as the united States, I’d like you to do more research on uncertainty avoidance and collectivism versus individualism. This will make it easier for when you go to train their Sale’s Department. I would like a report on your research within the next couple weeks. We will then have a meeting to discuss it.