Business Recommendations. 6 Technology Solution. 7 Overall Benefit





Business Analysis/Design

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Introduction. 4
Problem Statement 4
Two Technologies. 4
Business Requirements. 4
Objectives. 4
Project Description. 4
Technology Requirements. 5
Competitors and
Technology. 5
Technology One Big Data
and Knowledge Management 5
Technology Two Business
Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions. 6
Technology Benefit 6
Technology Solutions. 6
Technology One. 6
Technology Two. 6
Recommendations. 6
Technology Solution. 7
Overall Benefit 7
Basic Security
Considerations. 7
Security Features. 7
Third-Party Vendors. 7
Internal Safeguards. 7






Problem Statement

The main hindrance towards the
success of this client business is lack of a system that has the capability to
manage the current brick-and-mortar processes with good reporting. In this
regard, a system with such functionalities is of dire need. The system is also
supposed to integrate online shopping, manage inventory and shipping, provide
order status checking and online payment processing, and facilitate
collaboration internally and externally (with staff and customers),  This problems are the trigger to my business
coming up with a system that will automate these functionalities.

Two Technologies

In this case, I will try coming up
with a system that incorporates professional provision of business reporting
and also manages the current business brick-and-mortar processes. Such
processes include sales, payments, inventory, and customer contact. This being
the main ideas, which will link up the rest of the company requirements,
getting a big data and knowledge management system which does business
analytics and business intelligence solutions is paramount.



By the end of this project, the business should be well
equipped with a system that guarantees;

1)      Provision of the full business
activity reporting

2)      Digitization of the data
management and records keeping.

3)      Management
of the current brick-and-mortar for the entire business running


After realization that the running of the business has
been facing hindrances due to lack of mechanism in place to have professional
management, the need to embrace innovation arises. For this case, a system that
would be used to monitor and manage the executions is needed. By using
technology, the business owner achieves accuracy, increased productivity, efficiency,
good inventory and stock management, internal and external collaborations (Paul,
Cadle & Yeates, 2017).
The core functionalities are the ability to manage the current
brick-and-mortar processes and do the reporting. There should be ease in
monitoring the inflow and outflow of the business products, with a clear
account of the customer records.

Technology Requirements

A system being a collective of many
technologies, there should be a collaboration of business analytics solutions, business
intelligence solution, big data and knowledge management. Putting all these
together would come up with a perfect solution for the business owner.

Competitors and Technology

market being a competitive place, it is upon every business owner to make great
efforts and remain at the customers’ preference. By use of business analytics
and business intelligence solutions, the competitors are able to predict and
plan the future on use of the historical data. They have also been able to
maintain and improve their operational efficiency, leading to increased
organizational productivity. On the other hand, the use of Big Data and
Knowledge Management enables competitors to analyze their business, study the
markets and such. By so doing, it means all the business activities are well
recorded and stored.


Technology One Big Data and Knowledge Management

By use of this technology, the
process of meaningful insights derivation from the business data turns a
reality. It is from such insights that the conversion of knowledge into action
happens. This is what Zappos Company is doing. They create a connection with
their customers, in that these clients turn to be agents of advertising.

Technology Two Business Analytics and Business
Intelligence Solutions

Macy’s Company has experienced major
technology transformation by embrace and implementation of business analytics
and intelligence. With these systems in place, it turns possible for them to
analyze the huge information gathered in their day to day running of the

Technology Benefit

incorporation of technology into business, the companies are able to store
every data that is recorded in the running of the business. They use this data
to solve problems and plan the future through artificial intelligence analysis
(Laudon, Traver, 2018). Thus, the companies enjoy global cooperation’s and
great deals in financial savings.

Technology Solutions

Technology One

With big data and knowledge
management, the company will be able to manage its inventory and shipping,
current brick-and-mortar processes. This will be the source of information
needed by the rest of the system.

Technology Two

A business analytics and business
intelligence solution comes in to automate and provide useful facts to the
business owner. Future problems are foreseen and fore solved, with strategies
in place to woe every potential customer. .


There should strategies already to have big data and
knowledge management system in place. It is the mother solution to all of the
company challenges.


Technology Solution      

Upon getting big data and knowledge
management, the organization will need a data warehouse. From this sore, the
process of business value extraction from this massive data is done. The
information gathered is then implemented to create a positive effect on the

Overall Benefit

Through big data and knowledge management, the company will
be able to have real-time data processing, data inquiries, effective data
management, some form of big data analysis, and the core being the storage of
this data. Thus, the recording, dispatching, and sales will automated. It’s
from this data that meaningful information is deduced (Johri, 2010). Putting in
strategies for the future growth and expansion of the business, it will be
possible to monitor every activity.

Basic Security Considerations

Security Features

The system should embrace cloud computing. Furthermore, data
abstraction, cryptography, authentication, and authorization measures should be

Third-Party Vendors       

To inhibit intrusion, it is wise enough to have various
authorization levels for the data access. The system should have views which
different classes of users are able to access.

Internal Safeguards

Only some few selected individuals should be made aware of
what happens behind the normal usage of equipment used in day to day business
activities. The actual big data and knowledge management system usage should
remain highly confidential.


Paul, D., Cadle,
J., & Yeates, D. (2017). Business
analysis. Swindon: British Informatics Society Limited.

Johri, A. (2010).
Business analysis. Mumbai India: Himalaya Pub. House.

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