Business Communication Essay

1. Read the case and attempt the following: . Write a note explaining why you have chosen a particular approach to write the business letter? . Write the letter that has been asked in the case by following all the norms of writing business letters. 2. Read the letter given to you and attempt the following: . Explain which of the 7Cs have been violated in the letter. Give examples from the letter to illustrate your points. . Rewrite the given letter by implementing the relevant 7 Cs. Note: ? ? ? You can make a few assumptions while attempting the questions, but do not go too much outside the case.

Total marks are ten (five marks for each question) Each group will make one submission consisting of answers to question 1 & 2. Refusing a claim from an lntemational Customer You are the owner of a small but exclusive leather boutique located on fifth Avenue in New York City. You have just received a letter from Monsieur Jean LeFevre of Cherbourg, France, asking for a replacement of an expensive leather valise or his money back. Included with the letter is a package containing the valise.

According to the letter, the valise was damaged on the night from New York to Paris. The fine leather was scratched across the front; the leather was not torn through, but the mark was ugly and discolored. According to M. LeFevre, the valise was damaged because the leather had not been properly conditioned during production. Because of the high cost ($450), be wants a refund or a replacement. You have examined the-valise and determined that it was properly conditioned during production and that the scratch was made by a hard metal object.

You cannot know for sure that the damage was done by luggage handlers, but it is possible. The scratch could be repaired by reconditioning the leather, but you do not want to do this without M. LeFevre’s permission. Write a letter to M. LeFevre turning down his request for a refund or a replacement. Explain why you are not liable. Offer to repair the valise, but make sure he understands there is no guarantee of the result. From: Sridutt 5 To: Srikanth, Ravi Sent: Mon Aug 31 21:12:072009 Subject: Building a flexible system that enables employee collaboration

Dear Mr. Ravi Srikanth, In any organization, acquiring and retaining customers depends largely on the ability to share information quickly among the various support systems. A, system that is able to provide an integrated view of various functions in the organization, is scalable, and easily configurable is an essential business tool in today’s response driven and fast moving markets: With Microsoft SharePoint, a tool that provides enterprise content management services, joining people, processes and information for meaningful collaboration can easily be achieved.

However, there are certain areas that require expertise in the SharePoint developmental process to keep your organization dynamic and employee responsive: ? ? ? ? ? Basic information architecture for newer applications to meet changing demands Ability to translate business processes and implement them in workflows Custom coding in SharePoint for creating required modifications to processes User interface design to reflect the ethos of the organization Project planning -Vista provides you the required expertise and technical and creative resources that can visualize, create and implement the system that you need to support and further your business. By outsourcing your development and maintenance activities to us, you save time and cost ana more importantly can flag important milestones in your businesses growth. We work either onsite at your location or offsite to ensure that your systems are up and running on a 24×7 basis.

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