Business Equipment and Systems: The New Boss Essay

The new boss Background Business equipment and systems (BESS).

Based in Birmingham, England. Sells fax machines, data projectors and slim plasma screens. Eighteen months ago, its national sales manager, Vanessa Bryant moved to a senior management position.

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Her replacement, Engel Fraser, has been told to increase the turnover by 10% and to create a high performing sales team. However, since Engel’s appointment the team has not been working effectively and morale in low. Last year’s sales were over 20% below target.The sales team has a mix of nationalities because BESS intends to enter other European markets in the near future. Engel Fraser is well aware that his sales team is not working well together. Before considering what action to take to improve its performance, he made some notes on the team. Engel’s notes on the team members: Additional problems in the sales team: 1 .

When the sales staff miss their targets or when customers complain. The staff blame each other or other departments. No one takes responsibility for stakes.

. Members of the team do not help each other enough, for example by passing on information about customers. Some members dislike each other. 3. Staff become aggressive when Engel critics them for poor performance. 4. Morale in the department is poor.

Engel felt happier in his previous job, and he has heard people talking about the ‘good old days’ when Vanessa Bryant was running the department. Discuss How can Engel turn the team performance around to achieve their target? Note: All scenarios are possible.