BUsiness REsources Essay

For example minimum wage, the amount Ms Dona’s pay cash register employee’s in the UK would be different to the amount paid in Japan. This is because Japan and ILK are different economies, efferent minimum wages, and living costs. Ms Dona’s is well known for employing younger people (students). Ms Dona’s encourages promoting and moving up employees in hierarchy, and filling up there position, however allot of employee’s, come and go (Resigning).Reasons vacancies occur at Ms Dona’s- Turn over- When an event occurs or a promotion has been announced, there is a good chance that Ms Dona’s could expect high turnover (sudden rise in the amount of customers and sales made).

If this occurred Ms Dona’s would need to hire more staff, such as janitors, kitchen staff, to meet customer deeds (serving food faster, no mistakes in orders, correct change given back). Maternity leave- Women working at Ms Dona’s could become pregnant, in that case they are given time off work.This would result in a part time job being available, as somebody must cover the shift, so that the work place can function correctly. Shortage of staff- Retire. Redundancy- How Ms Dona’s plan recruitment- Firstly, a vacancy is recognized by an administrator Of a particular department, for instance, the manager of their franchise is retiring.

After the administrator has evaluated that the vacancy is needed he/she would request meeting with the finance department, because Ms Dona’s have so many franchises, it would take a longer period of time, as the request would have to go to the WHQL and processed.Eventually a meeting would then be arranged between managers and the finance department where a decision would be made, however because of the large quantities of branches Ms Dona’s would get accountants to send in reports, from the organization, to the finance department, using the information collected the finance department would reply with an approval if they believe it necessary for a new vacancy, ND have funds (pay new worker) , a reply would be sent back to that business branch with key decisions.Some key decisions consist of, will the position for the new opportunity be done throw internal recruitment/ advertisement or external recruitment/advertisement, For example, use of job centers, consultants, recruitment agencies). Ms Dona’s franchise would then advertise (the opening) choosing between the following.

…. Two methods of advertisement internally for Ms Dona’s- Company’s social network- Posting pages or blobs of vacancies available to members Of staff in Ms Dona’s, offering an opportunity for employee’s to row in the business.Communicating announcements- The executive of the division recruiting might have a group talk with members of staff to announce the new vacancy availability, often this can lead to referrals which can speed up the employment process, since staff know the company. Two methods of advertisement externally for Ms Dona’s- Newspaper- Advertising on newspapers, to get a large pool of applicants and responses to fill a vacancy.

Social network advertisement- Use of twitter, Backbone targeting at teenagers, this would get Ms Dona’s a large pool of applicants. Job seekers- To get employee’s that match skills and interests of Ms Dona’s job opportunity, fast without consuming much time. Window Adverts– This is very popular in the Ms Dona’s industry. Window adverts have a very limited range of area that is covered, not accessible by all (locals, visitors, and customers…

. ). Next sending off a job descriptions and job specification to their choice of advertisements..

..Job description- Job description at Ms Dona’s would contain the following I’; job title; department and location of post; broad terms of job; responsible to whom; responsibilities; scope of post; education and qualifications name of complier and approver; date of issue”. This contains all of the employee’s responsibilities when undertaking the actual job.

Job specification- This contains details about the job requirements, and standard formats, unlike job description, this will contain details about what Ms Dona’s specific needs for their vacancy, qualities and skills. E. G. Bob title and reference number; location in management line; essential and desirable attributes; physical characteristics required; attainments and qualifications; previous experience; general intelligence; special aptitude; temperament and personality; hobbies interests, personal circumstances. ” Person Specification- Ms Dona’s would describe the requirements a job holder would need to be able to perform tasks accordingly.

Education and qualifications, training and experience, personal attributes/qualities. For example IT skills, Basic English, good in working with group of people….

All these must accord by…. UK and EX.

legislations- Creating the job description and job specification Ms Dona’s must abide by Sex discrimination act 1995 /97 ; race relations Act 1992 ; Equal pay act 1970 ; Disability Discrimination Acts 1 995 and 2005 ; European working time directive ; employment act 2002 ; national minimum Wage Data protective CT 1998 ( together with any further amendments). ” These are example in the UK and EX., however Ms Dona’s has expanded so much that all of its franchises outside of UK/ELK have different rules and regulations.However globally these legislation are found in all developed nations, in their own terms. For example minimum wage all modern countries, have set this law, but the actual figure would be different for different nations. Next is…

. Setting interview dates- This consists of Pre-interview, the actual interview and post interview. Setting interview dates involving rolling responses (responding to potential workers), eating deadlines. Factors that influence Ms Dona’s to recruit- Salary structure and working conditions- Wages offered and working conditions effect Ms Dona’s enterprise greatly.The higher the wages paid the easier it is for Ms Dona’s to recruit, unfortunately Ms Dona’s pays minimum wage, so if the minimum wage is very low, employment would be more difficult. Quality of workers reduce as minimum wage decreases. Ms Dona’s must also keep a strict eye on the minimum wage as it could face “labor turn over”. Working conditions will affect the job satisfaction of Ms Dona’s workers, “(lighting, ventilation, sanitation)”.

High job satisfaction reduce the chances of employee’s leaving, on the other hand unsatisfactory working conditions will lead to more regular recruitment of personnel.Employment conditions- In Under-developed economies, employment opportunities are limited and may not be available, due to lack Of education and technological facilities. However since Ms Dona’s are located in highly dense populated areas, selecting from large numbers of applicants is easier. Internal issues- 1 . Strong management- “HER department needs to be able to act as a strong facilitator”. In other words internal recruitment can lead to conflicts between peers, so sorting out these problems as fast as possible is important. 2. Missing out- Missing out on fresh, new innovative ideas.

More qualified and experienced workers with new skill sets. 3. Lack of diversity- Only employing within a business can keep the number of different races, ethnicities, ages limited which can make the image of Ms Dona’s seem quiet discrimination.

External issues- Training- Recruiting external to the business will mean that employee’s will require training, to adjust to the business environment as well as be able to SE all the equipment and facilities in the business. For example being able to use the grill (make burgers), cash register…No Assurance- Ms Dona’s could employee a worker who shows lots of promise in the recruitment process, but he/she fails to meet to the job role once employed, or doesn’t get along well with other staff. Conclusion – To conclude, Ms Dona’s sheer size means that a clear recruitment plan is required for all of its branches to follow and abide by. Organization is key to global businesses, so making the correct choices such as; internal advertisement or external; job specification.

In addition careful planning will lead to success, Ms Dona’s greatest investment is its employee’s.Bad employment/selection strategy’s only brings problems ( arguments) , so preventing this keeps Ms Dona’s running efficiently and effectively in order to have customer satisfaction. The better the employment plan, the better the personnel, the more positive the business will run. Sources. Business chosen 2- E-Accountants- “E-Accounting or Online Accounting is new development in field of accounting.

It means all your transactions will record in online server or data base, just like website or blob or web blob. But for opening or making accounts will uses login id and password.E-Accounting is just in the developing age and it will surely commercialism use.

There is large number of companies who started E-Accounting. In E-Accounting the accountant and employer both feel satisfaction because, this is cheap and without software defaults or failure. Your accounts saves in online server or database, so there is no need to record manually. By this way we can save large amount of money spending on manual books and different accounting software. ” E-Accountants, is one of the leading accountancy firms in UK a private limited many, offering years of experience in the accounting industry.Furthermore they have a large verity of employee’s from IT technicians, programmers to accountants and office staff, there large number of staff would mean that a lot of vacancies would come about.

.. Due to their high expectations, E-accountants would have a lot of older experienced staff with specialist managers to lead them in each department, so careful planning is required to employ the best for the vacancy they have available, whether internally or externally. E-accounts would find It very difficult to predict how any customers they would get on a regular basis, so having the correct amount of staff is difficult.Overall E-Accountant’s offer a very convenient service being available to most, if not all businesses requiring any of the following; “Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable , Payroll ,Job Costing ,Financial Write-up and Reporting ,Bank and account reconciliations, Quarterly Tax Reporting, Compliance Reporting, Tax Return Preparation, Internal financial consultant *establish the control System, Inform those concerned of financial condition, Supply the business with adequate information, Maintain contact with government agencies, bankers, etc.Provide insight, courses of action, F-acclimate future planning and growth. ” Reasons vacancies occur at E-accountants- Some reasons why vacancies occur are.

.. Employee leaving- Some employee’s might be unhappy with their work environment or just want to move onto better job opportunities. E- Accounting requires a lot of experience in most of their particular work areas, this would mean that there are less opportunity’s for internal employee’s to move onto different areas within E-Accounting. E. G.

IT programmer moving to manager of Accountants.It is also very hard for an IT programmer to move to IT Manager because of the high requirements E-Accountant would have on their job specification. Increased volume of business (expanding)- Because E- Accountants is online, they are already available in English speaking nations (KICK, US, Canada). If E-accountants decided to become available to more languages and become a global business recruiting would be essential. A new branch would be needed for every different language speaking country, each one opening vacancies for; Programmers, accountants, translators/ interpreters, managers.

.. TO write and communicate with customers and each other). Different work- Similar to expanding of the business. However this would happen when E;Accountant believe it necessary for a new line of work to open. For example E-Accountants don’t currently have their own art department, if it becomes a requirement, vacancies like Art/design manager, web site designers, advertisement designers.

…. Maternity cover- In the case of a female worker getting pregnant a part time job at E-Account would become available to cover the work. Sickness- A worker calling in, reporting to be sick.Someone must cover there shift so that E-accountants can run smoothly without too much pressure on employee’s.

Shortage of staff- Retire Maternity Redundancy How E-Accountants plan recruitment- Firstly, a vacancy would have to be recognized by the managers, for example one of the older accountants are retiring. In this circumstance after the manager has identified that the vacancy is needed he/she would request a meeting with the finance department (individuals in charge of money), a meeting would be arranged between managers and finance department where a decision would be made.Taking into consideration the following, will the position for the new opportunity be done throw internal recruitment or external recruitment “(use of job centers, consultants, recruitment agencies). Cost and time are serious considerations of external advertising. Secondly, once all that is decided the finance department will approve or disapprove (lack of funds leads to disapproval). Furthermore, once approved the finance department agrees on a recruitment advertisement (based of their budget) e.

G. Choice of media, use of external agencies, format and type of advertisement, cost implications, legal consideration of recruitment advertisement”. In addition a method of applications is decided such as letters, online, telephones. Job centers, recruitment agencies and consultants can also be used to waste less time and money, however this makes it very impersonal when employing (might not meet needs of the business). Two methods of advertisement Internally for E-accountants Methods of advertisement internally is mainly intranet (Protocol technology to share information with the business), and notifications on the bill board.This will give employees an early notification of a vacancy, so that all are informed and given an equal chance, before job seekers external to E- accountants (making workers feel cared for). Two methods of advertisement externally for E-accountants consist of.

.. Online- more viewable to the public, easy to access and gets more modern workers (use of basic computer skills).

This would be cheap for E-accountants as they already have a website to advertise on. However chances, the business will receive too many responses. Recruitment agency- Use of another business that focuses on employing the most skilled for E-accountants job specification.This is important for E- accountants as it is less time consuming and results in better qualified workers for their vacancy, meeting their customers’ expectations. However sing this method department managers cannot get workers they want based on qualities (personality). Job Description Creating a job description, information about the purpose of the vacancy, and standard formats, more about what the job is , where the job is, summarization of what’s done and content information”; job title; responsibilities; scope of post ; education and qualifications name of complier and approver ; date of issue.This is important in order to get applicants for E- Accounts specific placement (Accountant), as well as individuals in a more local area to the business, also informing of what is done and expected from E-Accountant in filling this position.

For example they have accountant vacancy available in there London WHQL but the applicant lives in France and has bad English, the applicant would not apply to the job as the location is undesirable to both E-accountants and the applicant, not speaking English either the applicant knows he isn’t suitable for the job description.Job specification Making a job specification, this contains details about the job requirements, and standard formats, unlike job description this will contain details about what E- Accountants find desirable for their vacancy, qualities and skills. E. G. Job title and reference number; location in management line; essential and desirable attributes; physical characteristics required; attainments and qualifications; previous experience; general intelligence; special aptitude; temperament and personality; hobbies interests, personal circumstances. Person specification When creating the person specification, E-accountants have to take great care in not making a specification that goes against the law, discriminating against potential employees.

“Competencies” would be used to help design the person specification. Physical attributes Attainments, Aptitudes, Interests, Personal circumstances Setting Interview dates Lastly, E-accountants would receive applications forms, letter, C.V. (curriculum vitae), and/or be contacted directly throw email, phone call or also a letter.Some of these examples can be used to pre-interview (short listing method) this is used to shorten the list of applicants to a more desirable manageable number as time is of the essence and reading thousands of applications is time consuming.

Such as, E-accountants might put the contact number on their job description, job specification, advertisement notices. When called E- accountant take advantage of the situation to give a short test, seeing there communication skills and learn of their skills and qualities, as well as ask a couple questions.Pre-nineteen is a cheap way of getting to know candidates without consuming as much time.

Other examples “group, individual, team, panel, multi-stage. All these complement the candidate’s chances and make life easier for E-accountants manager and finance department 1′. Examples consist of, occupational preference tests, attainment tests, aptitude tests, psychometric tests; use of specialists in the interview; procedure for informing candidates of interview decisions. Interview dates would have to be managed carefully, so non overlap (causing problems).Replies to applicants who meet the job specification will be sent with a specific date. The interview will test applicants to see what they are like (personality). The interview will follow the businesses protocol such as confidentiality ; fairness ; interview environment ; agreed questions ; checking of personal information; interview checklist ; control of interview ; decision criteria and documentation ; communicating tests decision to candidates ; communication and listening kills ; body language ; questioning techniques barriers to communication ; analyzing and summarizing.

Cost interview, Once a decision is made between the employers in E-accountants, everyone who attended the interview will be informed of a list of things that would be found on contract such as ; wage or salary rate , hours of work, holiday entitlements, start date. Other examples are “references, medical test, passing specific qualifications; expense claims; candidate’s feedback; taking up and checking references; police and /or medical checks; rejection of unsuccessful candidates.All this makes employment successful, unplanned or poor employment selection can cause stress within the work area and bring problems to the employee’s in E- accountants work areas.

Factors that influence E-Accountants to recruit- (Researchers from www. Heartbreakingly. Com/recruitment/recruitment;meaning-definition- process-and-factors-influencing-recruitment/25950/ The size of the organization- E-Accountants being a large company, well known in the UK it must meet high standards to stay competitive against other accounting firms.In order to make sure everything runs smoothly, shortages of staff must be voided and the vacancy must be filled as quickly as possible. Lack of staff could lead to misplacements of important paperwork, such as spreadsheets of a customers data. Furthermore a clearer explanation is ” A big enterprise requires more persons at regular intervals while a small undertaking employs only a few employees” . N addition to this big businesses such as E- accountants would always be in touch with sources of supply and use this to get more applicants to make the correct selection.

Lastly E-accountants would be able to afford and invest greater amounts in locating prospective (potential employee workers). Thus the size of an organization will effect E- accountants decision/method to recruit. Growth rate- If E-accountants keep expanding, constant employment will be required. Promotions given to existing workers will necessitate the filling up of the previous vacancy.Promoting in a department work office can change the environment of the employees and lead to disagreements, arguments which wastes time that could be used being productive, this factor would influence E-accountants when recruiting, to help decide if they want to recruit internally or externally. Salary structure and working conditions Employment conditions 1. If E-accountants recruited internally they risk the chance of having the following setbacks. Changing the hierarchy in a department e.

G.Giving a promotion to one of the three peer workers, making him/she in charge (manager) then replacing his vacancy with a Stranger to the employee’s, the two workers may find it difficult to take orders from the new manager and feel UN-motivated reducing the efficiency of work produced by them. 2. By choosing to employ internally, the number of people eligible workers for E- accountants new vacancy is very limited. External issues 1 . Time and money must be taken into careful consideration, business doesn’t ant to make a loss when finding workers and doesn’t want to waste time that could otherwise be spent on making sales. .

Fifth Economy is doing well, there would be less unemployed experienced workers meaning hiring “the best” would be highly competitive and cost the business far more money than usual. In the other hand if the economy is dong bad such as, recession, the organization will find itself having an over flow of applicants, a number far too large to quick scan, being increasingly time consuming if the E- accountants did there recruitment independently.