Business Schools of Asia-Pacific Essay

Higher openings means it was able to create awareness and excitement about the movie in audience. This attraction or anticipation may be caused by the director, actors or it may be a prequel or sequel of a hit movie. People decided to watch the movie only on that not by motivated from a critics review. People may or manta like the movie but initially it gains because of its attraction. Total Gross Sales: It denotes that how well a movie was received by the audience overall.

Higher overall sales means audience liked it very well and it created further good publicity for the movie.It can also happen that due to anticipation it opened very well but after that its sell declined but its collection was enough in the first phase. Number of theaters: Number of theaters shows capacity of a producer to distribute its movie to a large extent and make reachable to more audience. The big producers manage to release their movies in most of the theaters.

For a movie to earn more it is must that it is released in as much theaters as possible. Weeks in top 60: This number shows the popularity of a movie that it is well received by audience even after a long period from its releasing and competing with other big movies.It denotes that a movie managed to keep its charm over a longer period of time and people watched it again and again. To earn more a movie has to be people favorite for a long period.

NAS 2: High performers outliers can be identified by their total sales which is way higher than other most of the movies. If we take total gross sales in account and apply standard rules of statistics to find out first quartile, third retile and intrauterine range then we find these results: 1st Quartile : 0. 40275 3rd Quartile : 47. 55 Intrauterine range: 47. 32 Upper fence: 1 17. 98 So based on this criterion we chose that movies having total sales of more than $ 117.

Man are high-performance outliers, and they are: Star Wars: Episode Ill Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire War of the Worlds Wedding Crashers Batman Begins Mr.. And Mrs.. Smith Another way to decide high-performance outliers is to judge on the basis of weeks in top 60.

A ratio of gross total and weeks in top 60 can also be used UT in that case it happens that some movie earned more in starting and quickly disappeared from the box-office.So that will not give the clear idea. But taking weeks in top 60 is a better criterion since it reflects movies performance in a better way.

Taking this criterion, we found out that 1 SST Quartile : 3 3rd Quartile : 13 Intrauterine range: 10 Upper fence: 28 So based on this criterion we chose that movies which Were in top 60 for more than 28 weeks are high-performance outliers, but there is no movie that fulfills this. But we chose these movies which stayed in top 60 for close to 28 seeks as high-performance outlines.