Business Studies- Recruitment and Selection Process Essay

My business is a large florist, in a big city. I always have a lot of orders so I need more help within the shop; I also need some floor managers as I am away in my other shop 40% of the time. I need between 6-8 members of staff 6 full times and 2 part times as there will already be a number of staff there I only need a handful more. Job Roles; Floor assistants- I need 4 floor assistants to do the following general day to day task; * cleaning up, * seeing to the customers, * dealing with problems * Sorting out the stock Qualifications needed to fulfil this vacancy; You will be taught these on a course. * BTEC First Certificate/Diploma in Retail * NVQ levels 1 and 2 in Retail Skills * NVQ Level 3 in Retail * NVQ levels 2 and 3 in Sales * NVQ levels 2 and 3 in Customer Service. The experience needed; * Handling cash * Working with customers * Dealing with problems * Communicating with other people Assistant manager; * Generally assisting the manager on a daily basis * Supervises employees * Report activities to the manager daily. * Complete daily reports * Schedule employees The Qualifications needed to fulfil this vacancy are; * You will be taught these on a course.

The experience needed; * In a floristry environment. * Shown mastery in that position before being promoted * Have experience with working with more than 6 employees * Handling awkward situations between employees * Can take orders. * Know how to give orders. * Not shy General Manager; * Makes sure that the employees are safe * Hiring, firing employees * Managing profit and losses * Facility management * Health and safety * Safety and security * Banking * Loss prevention * Staff learning and development * Problem solving, sorting certain circumstances * Product management

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Qualifications needed; * Grade c or above at maths * Grade c or above at English * ICT GCSE or equivalent The experience/skills needed; * Working in a similar environment before * Working in a busy environment * Good at maths * Good at solving problems * Not shy * Working with others * Managing a team of over 6 people * Organisational skills * Motivate yourself and other members of staff. I am going to advertise the floor assistants, in the paper, on posters, on social networking sites, on posters. I am going to advertise the assistant manager title on posters, signs, and websites.

I am going to advertise the role of General Manager on a higher scale as it is more advanced job this is where more money gets spent due to it being a higher role to fulfil and being a more advanced, I am going to advertise this on TV, on higher websites such as direct gov, reed etc… And make bigger investments to make this a better advertisement. Candidates should get an application form sent to them and have it filled out and sent back within 7 days of them apply for the job vacancy this will give time for the application to be processed and evaluated before the interviews.

The manager and general manager and assistant manager will look through the applications and pick 10 for each job role they think will be sufficient for the job role and get them in to do an interview from there they will be asked a series of questions and then they best will be picked out and sent a letter to congratulate them on their acceptance. But for the general manager they will be given an activity to o to see if they can carry out the task required to fulfil the role.

If they have completed the task with great ambition and got the majority of the questions correct the general manager and the manager will confirm who they think should get the job. It is important for a business to have effective recruitment and selection procedures because it gives each applicant equal chances of getting the job role, it gives them equal opportunity to get selected for the job and get it. It also gives the company a good name for not being bias and gives every individual a chance of getting the vacancy, which makes people want to apply for that company.