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businesses with massive supply chains to optimize their processes by more efficiently organizing logisticalvariables. Enhanced processing power will also help cybersecurity companies detect threats earlier andrespond more quickly.Quantum computers also have the ability to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learningsystems with higher efficacy and efficiency than conventional computers. Optimized computing abilitieswill drive exponential improvements in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. D-Wave Systems hasalready built quantum hardware for Google’s researchers studying machine learning powered imagerecognition. This technology could dramatically improve the performance of many technologies, such asautonomous vehicles.Alan Turing was one of the greatest mathematicians and scientists in British history. He was one of thefathers of computer science and he helped defeat Germany in World War II by breaking the German codes.In 1936 Turing did some of the basic work on today’s computers. Machines were then becomingincreasingly important in British industrial life, such as those in mass production factories or calculators ortypewriters. But they were operating separately from each other. Turing said that it would be possible (intoday’s language) a system to “programme” machines so that one machine (a computer) could do a varietyof different tasks, such as write documents, calculate numbers or play games. This was the “UniversalTuring machine” because one machine could do a variety of tasks. He was describing a computer wellbefore the technology of his day could build one. He also wrote about artificial intelligence-the way thatcomputers could ‘think’. He was also faced with the question, “Would it be possible to create a computerthat could be as smart as humans?”. He predicted that such a machine could exist by the year 2000. His’Turing Test’ will assess when a machine has become as smart as a human. A human being is in one roomand communicates with a machine in another room, such as by playing chess or asking questions.