Butler University Essay

Butler University’s CIO, Scott Kincaid and his IT team had evaluated their current system and concluded it is beginning to show its age. SBC Centrex and the Centigram 640 has been great for the last decade but it is beginning to be inefficient as its capabilities are being maxed out and causing complications. Target

Kincaid and his team are looking to improve overall communications and campus safety. This will center on the students need to communicate within Butler University and their need for voice mailboxes (Valdes, Robert and David Ross). These improvements will also handle the countless number of calls that are frequent from employees and students. Proposal

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I would begin extensive research on the new systems. Vendors will be held to high standards, as they need to provide the most accurate data. The vendors will be providing an initial cost analysis that includes instillation, training & development and maintenance requirements for an estimate time of ten years. The IS department will oversee vendor requirements and run their own cost analysis given projected data from each vendor. Once selected, the pilot will soon be launched. The IT department and many other departments within the school will have to do heavy marketing for the new system. I feel it was not introduced in a way to effective show students it was helpful. Extensive training will be given to the staff and teachers that will then be passed down to students. The more comfortable they get with the pilot, the easier it will be when it becomes university wide. Maintenance will be done by Butler’s IT department but they will first be getting the hands on training need to make the implementation a success.

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