By hand, no significant difference is observed

the forgoing analysis and discussion of data, it can be concluded that the
service quality expectations of customers of Indian life insurance industry is
very high but at the same time their perceptions of service quality is quite
low. This difference of customers’ expectations and perceptions is found to be
highly significant and hence leads to a huge gap of service quality which is detrimental
for the sustainability of the industry. The study also revealed that there is a
significant difference in customer service quality perception and gap across
their demographic factors like gender, marital status, income and age. On the
other hand, no significant difference is observed with regards to customer
service quality expectation across the demographic factors. Therefore a more
emphasis should be given to the customer demographic factors which influence
the service quality more and more strategic plans should be formulated. It is
quite evident that if all insurance companies focus on the quality, their
business can further be enhanced because in the present age of competition and
clutter, customers judge an organization not only by the number of products
offered by it but by the quality of that products and services. Also, there
should be transparency and well documentation in the functioning of the insurance
companies. Consistency in meeting the customer expectation is a must.
Organization should provide suitable infrastructure for error free services.
Service personnel should be prompt in attending to customers and serving their
requirements. Employees should be empowered by the management to do all that
they can to assist a customer in trouble. They should empathize with customers
who report problems and work quickly to resolve them. Employees working with
commitment and customer orientation should be rewarded to encourage similar
behavior among all the employees. Again the perceptions and gaps are highly
significant across public and private life insurance companies. The mean of
perception in case of public company is 3.0022 which is much higher as compared
to their private counter parts (2.7377). This shows that though there is not
much difference in terms of expectation but perception wise private companies
have to work more strategically to reach their public counterparts.