By market shares. With the fierce competition

By the end of 2016, the Ministry of Information and
Communications has granted official licenses to four large enterprises in
Vietnam to implement the fourth generation (4G) mobile telephony system, namely
Viettel Telecome, VNPT (Vinaphone), Mobifone and Gtel Mobile. The 4G market in
Vietnam is booming and service providers are competing fiercely with these huge
market shares. With the fierce competition in 4G market, service provider
always want to bring the highest satisfaction to customers when using their services.
According to a survey from IDG announced at the end of July 2017, Viettel is
the service provider achieved the highest satisfaction of customers in the
category “4G service
provider coverage typical” by Viettel installed 3600 stations 4G in
63 provinces, the coverage is high enough to cover 95% of the population.

However, there are still some important issues. Also
according to a survey conducted by IDG, when competing with the Mobifone,
Viettel lost in the category “4G Service Provider Have High Quality”. Specifically, the
criteria in this category are the speed of data loading, the speed of posting
data, the use of television services, watching movies online (use more data),
using social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,…). This is the first
problem for Viettel.

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When competing with the Vinaphone, Viettel lost in the
category “4G
Service Provider Have Good Customer Care”. Items in this category
include the following: service charges (package price, retail price), service
convenience, promotions variety, customer service. This is the second biggest
problem for Viettel.

Large corporations always consider customer satisfaction as
the core of their value to success and long-term prosperity. In addition, the
project “The project to deploy the service of moving the mobile service
provider, keeping subscriber number in Vietnam” has been approved and will
commence on January 1, Viettel should improve the above to improve customer
satisfaction as well as their loyalty.