Cafe De Coral Essay

As more Hongkongers embrace healthy eating, green shoots are emerging for restaurants that put fitness and well-being first (Nicol 2014). Hong Kong people are starting to change their eating lifestyle, they want to at healthy and they are willing to spend more time to have a healthy meal, such as green food, organic food, etc. Technological – A central kitchen will help improve product consistency, lift gross margin and support expansion (South China Research Limited 2013). Central Kitchen is become popular in fast food industry, because Of the systematic issue and reduce the operating cost.

Environmental ” It’s telling that when a district scheme to recycle food waste succeeds beyond expectations, the organizers still struggle with excess (Yau 2013). Food scraps also is a big problem in Hong Kong, especially in catering ndustry. Nowadays, can a company has a good image or not, it depends on environmental approach. egal – A restaurant licence must be obtained from the DFEH for the food business (DFEH 2013). In catering industry, those restaurant must apply for a restaurant licences and a several licences, it depends on which type of food restaurant.

Also, they must have some protection system to ensure that people safety problem such as fire protection system. +/-/o Weight political Economic 23. 3% Social Technological Environmental Legal Follow the table, if the factors is positive for the industry, they can share the same weight. If the factor is negative for the industry, its only get 10% per each. Because those negative factors are not a big impact for the company of the industry. So, set the weight to 10% is enough. Location, menu selection, advertising, value and operating systems, where are the critical success factors of fast food industry (Griffin 2008).