Caledonia Products Essay

There are a batch of factors that Caledonia must see when they are believing about purchasing versus renting a belongings. Renting brings many positive nest eggs in a company ; there are many minor expenses that may come up while having a belongings. such as the unexpected fixs. Renting can assist with long term nest eggs for a company ; it provides the comfort of seeking new countries out. If Caledonia starts to ramify out. opens up new locations in different provinces. renting the edifice will be a batch smarter of an thought than it would be to purchase.

Not cognizing how good the company will make in that province. will supply dozenss of nest eggs if things do non travel as planned. Along with salvaging during the long term. Caledonia will be salvaging in overall revenue enhancements. However. if Caledonia has owned a old leasing site and concern is traveling. It will be smart for them to travel in front and purchase some belongings. They will be able to salvage in the long tally with having alternatively of renting. because this location will be considered a long term.

While having the site. making redevelopments to the edifice will ne’er be an issue. You will non hold to travel through the fuss of a 3rd party to the store/ belongings up to criterions to the market. There is already a procedure with acquiring licenses pulled and acquiring building sites up to code. Depending on the overall move that Caledonia wants to travel in will hold to be based off of their initial program on acquiring more belongings. As mentioned there are many different pro’s and con’s on why either leasing or purchasing can be considered an option.

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