Cambridge presentation Essay

London City, we also went to see a W est. End Musical “The phantom of the opera” which I’m sure all of you had heard of this name before. Although we all knew the welkin theme songs and story, watching it live was a total y new experience. We were all so surprised and excited when the chandelier lifted a ND swung across our heads. It was spectacular. The show was really epic and classic. We enjoyed it a lot and gave a really loud applause for the amazing casts at the end of the shoo w. Later, a lot

Of us used the phantom Of the opera as the theme Of our presentation we did before leaving Cambridge. My favorite part of the whole trip was river punting on the river Cam. Of coo rise, outsiders like us were just being the passengers, not the punters. Or else, we would cause b gig jokes and problems. A beginner dropped his pole and got his punt stuck at the middle o f the river. (LOL) We were taking photos while our mentors which were students of Cambridge introduce us about different buildings and their histories along the river.

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We had passed the rough a lot of old and famous colleges such as the trinity college, Clare college and king’s college e. And I also found out there was many Cambridge in side Cambridge. We could see the re affliction of swans swimming freely beside our punt. The scent was absolutely fascinating. It was actually quite romantic to appreciate the beautiful views of the river Cam with your Fri. ends on a punt at the same time. It was definitely a once in a life time experience for all of us.