Canada and America relationship

Relationship between Canada and AmericaTony Liu/ Jack Liu        History 30Mrs. Lightsman        Regina Christian SchoolIn the Canada history, there have been twice that America attack Canada, In 1774, United states not independent yet, it called British North American thirteen colonies, and Canada is mixed by British and france colonies,the two attack is very important in the history of Canada and America, it influence alignments of Canada and America, when america leaders plan to attack Canada, they decide they will attack upper Canada soon, because  The Atlantic provinces were protected by British sea power with their warships, and Lower Canada were protected by their remoteness and by the protect from Québec. In contrast, Upper Canada looks to be an easy objective. And the province was small defended. first attack on 1775 and second attack on 1812, because of Boston tea party, British promulgated “quebec act”, the purpose of the act is for Advised French-speaking population in Quebec, in the quebec act, it guaranteed french language rights and made provisions to allow Roman Catholics to make some roles in the colony’s governance, it Irritated the thirteen colonies, because they were Protestants, and they want to expand their followers to the east, the Quebec act made the Protestants mad. First attack, In September 1775, the “U.S. troops” divided the northern expedition into two routes. Under the leadership of Richard Montgomery, the West Army marched north of Lake Champlain, capturing Saint-Jean-en-Fort in November and occupying Montreal; while the Eastern Route Army was led by Benedict Arnold) leads the expedition to Quebec. After the two armies joined in the siege of Quebec City in December, they failed in siege warfare, while Montgomery was killed in the siege and Arnold was evacuated. This is the first attacked, at 1776 march, British’s support arrive Quebec city by sea route,Then America’s army retreated, In June British start counterattack, America forces back to the starting point. Second attack In 1812, America think it opportunity to attack Canada again,  Napoleon, the king of France, Dominate the European, British have no army in Canada. So they concentrate troops to attack champion district, not same as last time, they failed because American militia refuse to fight out of American territory, and on 1814, America dispatched six warships from Detroit and try to control Mackinaw Fortress. They dispatched troops to land on July 4,but Indians were ambushed on their way and were forced to retreat with huge losses, and on same year, British troops against America and occupied Washington, and they burn off white house as revenge(american burned yorktown) the outcomes of the war in Canada is First nation and british army joint together to against America, and British-Canadian residents, most of whom were the royalists who went into exile in Canada after the American War, traditionally loyal to the British royal family who hate the south American rebels. French Canadians, Catholics, hate the U.S. pro-Protestant policy at that time, Anti-Catholic sentiment has always been abhorrent; under the pressure of the invasion by the U.S. imperialists and the under-the-eye, both sides have established an anti-us united front to oppose U.S. attempts to occupy Canada, “Fire on Washington” is  the only time the capital was occupied by foreign troops since the independent of the United States history. But in contrast, for America,the reason of lose is America troops is weak. And they confused to fight out of America territory, they don’t think canada or British army defeat them, but indian people and British army joint together to defend America Troops,british canadian is royalty in king of British, and most French is Catholic, they don’t want rule by the protestant from America. The war of 1775 and 1812 push Canada colonies to joint together as a confederation to some extent, because the two war make them realize united is the only way to protect them away from America. threats from American forces provinces of Canada being united. So if America not attack Canada, may confederation will not create without pushing. For today Canada. Because the 1814 war is the only time the capital was occupied by foreign troops since the independent of the United States history. Before and after the Civil War, Canada passed the 1867 Constitution Act a number of constitutional assemblies and formed the Commonwealth of Canada with Four British North American colonies of Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Although Canada It is even harder not to be completely independent but have become a political entity and the United States will again find its own way.