Canada the Indian Act made it possible

Canada has come a long way since it got its independence and has drastically evolved. Canada has significantly progressed and has made its mark in the 20th century politically, militaristically, and socially. There are 9 major events that have led up to what Canada is today. Those 9 events are the Battle of Vimy Ridge, Residential Schools In Canada, Pearson’s Nobel Peace Prize, D-Day, Person’s Case, Formation of NORAD, Liberation of Holland, Constitution and the Charter Of Rights And Freedom, and Passing of the Official Languages Act.

            Canada’s has advanced in many ways but mainly it has evolved in militaristically, socially, and politically. Firstly, Vimy Ridge has had a huge impact on Canada militaristically for example: when Canada was ordered to capture the territory known as “Vimy Ridge”. Many other countries were unsuccessful, but Canada built a 3D model to plan and prepare for battle and they eventually won the battle. (Ms.Stockden notes) This is a very important event because Canada was successful, and this success gave Canada a bigger identity. This was the most important victory for the Allies in 1917. Later, Canada got recognition and was invited to the palace of Versailles where WW1 was officially ended. Secondly, Residential Schools in Canada have had a huge impact on Canada socially for instance in the 19th century, the Canadian government believed it was for educating aboriginals. The policy called “aggressive assimilation” was to be taught at churn-run and government-funded industrial schools which were later called residential schools. This event is important because when aboriginal’s children’s were separated from their families they could no longer speak their traditional language and they couldn’t learn in their traditional ways. (CBCnews) Canada has progressed ever since because in 1920 a change to the Indian Act made it possible for all aboriginals to vote and qualify for citizenship. Lastly, Pearson’s Nobel peace prize has had a magnificent impact on Canada socially. In this case, when Britain and France made a canal through Egyptian territory. The Egyptian government seized the Suez Canal and the result of that was that they were heading towards the direction of war. Then Lester B. Pearson suggested to keep peace while a political statement was worked out. For that reason, Lester B. Pearson received a Nobel Peace prize. (Ms.Stockden notes) This event is important because Canada had participated in UN peacekeeping. This is significant because Lester B. Pearson had stopped a war, and for that reason Canada earned an international reputation of persuasive diplomacy. It was a start to international peacekeeping. Canada has drastically changed its ways of approaching situations that are related to military, political, and social ties.

            Firstly, D-Day has performed a huge role to play in Canada’s evolvement. For instance, on June 6th Canada landed on the beaches on Normandy and attacked Juno beach. After 3 million allied forces marched across the beaches of Normandy. This was the first large-scale invasion in Europe and 30,000 Canadians had participated. It was a hard-won victory. (Ms.Stockden notes) This is an important event for Canada since Canada gained a vast amount of reputation for being a strong and worthy country as a result of proving that their a worthy country. The significance here is that it was the largest military operation by sea and the largest allies invasion in Europe. After the assault, Canada had proved its worth and made a lot of military ties. Canadians also took pride in the fact that, by the end of the day, they had gotten the farthest inland than any other allied force. They had also lost the least amount of casualties in the battle of Normandy. Secondly, the Person’s Case also contributed to the evolvement of Canada because according to the article famous 5 “prior to 1929, women in Canada were not considered “persons” . The Prime Minister Robert Borden refused women to work in the Senate as they were simply not “qualified persons”. There were five women that fought against this horrendous act and took this case to the Supreme Court and eventually got the right for women to vote and work in the government. (Famous 5) This event is extremely important because women got the right to vote and work in the government. Canada has progressed since it’s not only that women just got to work a low-profile job in the government it was mainly so that women can work in the Senate and be judges. Lastly, another main event that led up to what Canada is today is the Formation of NORAD. For instance, USA and the Soviet Union had nuclear missiles and Canada was in a crucial position since Canada was located in between the U.S and the Soviet Union. Canada made a closer military alliance with the US and built radar stations built to detect air invasions. NORAD was officially signed on August 1st, 1957 (Ms.Stockden notes)This is an important event because it enhanced Canada’s ties with America which will last a long time. Also, Canada does not need to worry about their defense since they have strong ties and radar stations that provides surveillance and control of Canadian airspace. Moving on to concluding how Canada has evolved in all three themes.

            Canada has evolved drastically in the past 150 years militaristically, politically, and socially. Firstly, liberation of Holland is the most significant event that has occurred amongst these 9 events. Liberation of Holland started off in April 1944 when other allied forces would cross into Germany. Canadians were given the task of liberating the Netherlands from Nazi occupation. The Germans had occupied this country since 1940 and Canadians fought from sept 1944 to April 1945 against the Germans. Canadians cleared Nazis from Holland. (Greenhous, Brereton “The Canadian Encyclopedia”) This is important because Canada fought proudly, fondly, and are now remembered and honored by the Dutch. Ottawa receives 20,000 tulip bulbs from the Netherlands every year as an appreciation gift. Canada has progressed since they now have honor and strong military ties with the Netherlands which will last a long time. One of the most important events that really evolved Canada was the passing of the official languages. The official languages act was passed on September 9, 1969. It was established by Pierre Elliott Trudeau. This act gave Canada its official languages which are English and French. This is an important event since it gives Canada has its own two official languages which ensures equality and equity. (Official languages) Canada has very well progressed after the passing of this act because every country has its official languages and Canada’s languages have equal rights and status. The main event of the nine main events I have listed is the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedom. This statue of the British Parliament created Canada in 1867 and set out the division of powers between federal and provincial agreement. The original name was the British North America Act, 1864, but this was changed in 1982. The Constitution Act was created in 1982. (Nelson)This is an extremely important event since this is part of Canadian Constitution and there are laws and set of rules that need to be followed and obeyed this constitution states equality rights which are necessary for every country. Canada has very well progressed and made itself a complete country after the charter of right and Freedom.

            In conclusion I just to say that Canada has evolved and has made its mark in the 20th century politically, militaristically, and socially. Another thing I want to mention is that the events that have led up to Canada’s evolvement over the last 150 years has been magnificent.