Cancer cancerous which causes high risk of

Cancer is a neutral
cell that can kill any person of any age and if cured, still leaves its
impression on cell. Cancer is a cell that breaks a normal cell cycle by
interrupting in their normal cycle of continuous developing and splitting. Cancer
is sometimes a genetic disorder or family heredity or sometimes its just
related to some cancerous cells, it’s the defect in cell which is caused by
abnormal growth and more number of multiplication of cells compared to expected.
It starts as just a small cell and ends up creating a mass of abnormal cells which
is then called a tumour.

Here we are
discussing about sporadic cancer today. Sporadic cancer is not an family
heredity it’s the inherited change in DNA caused by some cancerous cells. Carcinogens
that cause cancer is cigarette smoke, tobacco smoke, radon gas, mustard gas, ultraviolet
radiation, diet etc.

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SMOKE- Cigarette has some harmful chemicals like nicotine which is when
consumed or inhaled can cause cancer. Most people smoke because the chemical
present in it gives them relaxation. Smoking can affect our lungs, mouth, esophagus,
pharynx and even stomach and liver. This cancerous chemical nicotine when smoked
often a day causes a change in DNA and can lead a cell to become cancerous
which causes high risk of cancer.

Some products with high calories or high fats and high sugars like small drink  of  coca cola contains 55 g of sugar which has
carcins to cause cancer. Some products like bacon or sausage or beef or pork or
soft drinks causes cancer because they used some harmful chemicals like HCAs
and PAHs to cook them at high temperatures. Like some antioxidants which is
used to prevent any bacterial growth can also affect the change in DNA and
cause cancer. This can cause in stomach, liver, pancreas and many more.  

CONSUMPTION- Alcohol is made up of some harmful chemicals like acetaldehyde
which has carcinogen in it causes cancer when consumed. Alcohol can cause any
cancer just like cigarette. Alcohol is made through fermentation such as hydrocarbons
or phenols which contains oxygen in them, which is more than enough to affect a
DNA to become cancerous.

ULTRVIOLET RADIATION- Sun causes UV radiation. UV radiation is caused because of the
depletion of ozone layer. Ultraviolet radiation is caused due to exposure to
sun. When you are too much expose to sun, can cause a damage in our genetic material.
UV radiation causes skin cancer so it affects our DNA as skin cells started
dividing as abnormal cell.

What I can
do to stay away some cancer is, the adaption to healthy habits. Like to become a
health-conscious person following healthy diet with low calories like juice,
fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits like celery, asparagus, etc. By not
eating anything of high fats and calories like soft drinks or lays or potato wedges
or French fries. Staying away from sun or going out in summer with some good
damage skin relief cream or something. I would also like to avoid less
consumption of alcohol. In my case, I do not smoke but I drink alcohol like
whiskeys and beer more. So mainly I would like to stop drinking alcohol as its
fermented and also cancer in my body or yes, I would also like to be away from
any nicotine consumption or drugs. So I would like to follow some healthy
habits like getting up in bed early without any laziness, doing some jogging or
exercise or yoga, having healthy breakfast with cereals, milk, fruits or juices.
Doing my work properly on time without being in hurry or tension. Keeping myself
away from pollution and causing gas or other hazardous chemicals. Performing labs
with safety and using chemicals in proper manner.

I have a
live example in my family who has gone through this sporadic cancer, I know the
pain he suffered from. So, this is something motivational for me that I do not
want in my life.

Back in my country
INDIA, like 2 years back my grandfather suffered from neck cancer when he was
around 75 when he suffered from this pain as he had consumed a large a very
large amount of cigarette, he use to smoke a lot since he was 25 to 30 around. He
was not smoking often when he was young but then day by day it became his habit
and he never tried stop smoking or quit smoking though all family members used
to tell him. And this was not family heredity as he is the first person in our
family to be a cancer patient, it was not herited from any member. He was not
able to eat anything as the whole esophagus was covered with a clump of
cancerous cell so we took him for check up and through screening test we came
to know that he is suffering from neck cancer in his first stage. He was lucky
to be caught up in his first stage to we went for radiation therapy to cure him.
There were about 12 radiation therapy he gone through, during his therapy he was
not able to eat any food just the water and juice can go through his neck and
his whole neck skin got burnt and turned black. But thanks to god, he was then
cured carefully with proper treatment and diet. But the bad thing is he never
quit smoking. After the treatment was done, he stopped smoking for some months
as there was chances to happen again but after a year, he started smoking. And
he is not ready to listen to anybody.