Cancer Present study on phytochemical was designed to

Cancer is described as majour disease that is characterised by the
uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that are capable of spreading to other
cells in the vicinity and organs. Inspite of the availability of effective
chemotherapy and effective drugs, cancer remains a leading deadline disease
world-wide. However, even with it being very common no effective drug has been
developed to fight aginst cancer.

The failure of potential drug candidates in clinical trials and side
effect of already approved drugs has led researches look at new stratergies for
developing drugs from naturally occurring medicinal plants. There are many
medicinal plants that are known to have good anti cancer properties. The bio
active components of the medicinal plants called phytochemicals are responsible
for the therapeutic effects.There have been many studies on therapeutic
application of these phytochemicals against cancer. In recent years natural
products with good antitcancer activity and fewer side effects, have gained
increasing scientific attention.Computational
study on the phytochemicals can helps to identify the potential molecule
against the target of cancer. Present study on phytochemical  was designed to develop better alternative
agent against cancer.

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biology and bioinformatics have very important to pinpoint the drug designing
process.for speed up the rational drug designing process there involve a
variety method to identify the noval compound.docking is one of such method .in
other words docking is method which predict the prefeared orientation of small
molecule drug canididates to their protein target.computational method such as
molecular docking  is one of the best
method of predicting the bioactive components from plants.


insilico based drug
discovery is a promising stratergy for the development of therapeutic from many
disease including cancer. Due to the increase in data available on protein
structure and small molecule the computational drug discovery has increased the
efficacy of drug designing processs. There are basically two method involve in
computational drug discovery, Structure based drug discovery and Ligand based
drug discovery. Here we use structure based drug discovery to identify the potential
drug candidates against human cancer. identifying protein-ligand interactions
using bioinformatics tools before wet laboratory studies saves the energy and
time of the drug discovery process.