Canterbury Tales Essay

The Canterbury Tales Test Questions1. What is the total number of Canterbury Tales?(A) 24(B) 80(C) 16(D) 502. Which among the choices below takes place in the Orient?(A) The Clerk’s Tale ; The Miller’s Tale(B) The Squire’s Tale & the Man of Law’s Tale(C) The Knight’s Tale ; The Prioress’s Tale(D) Nun’s Priest’s Tale &Wife of Bath’s Tale3. What is the Wife of Bath’s Prologue about?(A) Metamorphoses of Ovid(B) The story of her life together with her five different husbands(C) A story about the philosophical treatise on the astroblade(D) Just like men, women equally deserve to hold top positions in the government4. Which among the tales below can be considered as an element of a medieval sermon?(A) The Physician’s Tale(B) The Pardoner’s Tale(C) The Wife of Bath’s Tale(D) The Tale of Melibee5.  A brooch with an inscription of Latin words that mean “Love Conquers All” is in?(A) The Monk(B) The Squire(C) The Prioress(D) The Wife of Bath6. During what time of the year does the pilgrimage in The Canterbury Tales take place?(A) During winter(B) During a midsummer night(C) During the peak of spring(D) In autumn7.

Generally, in the Nun’s Priest Tale, what is the moral of the story?(A) The root of all evil is greediness(B) One who is slow yet patient and easy will eventually win the race and succeed(C) One who always resorts to flattery should never be trusted(D) It is the beauty that lies within which matters most8. In the Miller’s Trade, which among the characters below is branded by the red-hot poker?(A) Alisoun(B) Nicholas(C) John(D) Absolon9. In the Knight’s Tale, which among the characters below married Emelye?(A) Palamon(B) Arcite(C) Saturn(D Theseus10.

Who among the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales has a fork-like beard?(A) The Physician(B) The Reeve(C) The Merchant(D) The SummonerEssay Question # 1- Other than being the first to draw the shortest straw among the group, why was the Knight the first character to tell his tale in the General Prologue? What does this say about his role?            The Knight was the first character described in the General Prologue as he ranks the highest in the social hierarchy in the Canterbury tales and is also closest rank to the aristocracy, the highest form of estate. Moreover, this also indicates the Knight’s nobility among all the characters in the story. His role basically originates from Christian and courtly values he swore to defend throughout his life. These include courtesy, honor, truth, and freedom.

In other words, although he drew the shortest straw, the comments of the author that this draw was either by luck, chance, or destiny, showed that the Knight was meant to tell his tale first simply because of his nobility.Essay Question # 2- Why is the Pardoner considered the most offensive character among the group? What specific actions did he commit to make him such a despised character?            Among all the pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales, the Pardoner is evidently the most controversial. Although there are many aspects about him that make him very offensive, the four reasons behind his being controversial are his sexuality, the nature of his job, his unwavering pride, and his greediness, which is his sin. In the Canterbury Tales, it was shown that the Pardoner gave the people a written document that absolves them from their sins, which was a highly questionable profession due to his shady nature. In addition, he is also a con artist as he constantly preaches to people that he is against the sin of greed despite the fact that he himself admitted to committing that sin. Another characteristic that makes the Pardoner repulsive is the fact that he is proud of what he is doing. All of these aspects and characteristics make him the most offensive character in the story especially to the Host.