Capacity to facilitate Essay

Defined as the focal point of government activity. It is a consequence of the political environment, values and ideologies, the distribution of power, institutional frameworks and decision-making processes that may produce a written document, expressing intended outcomes on a particular issue Event policy need be consistent, functional, and coordinated and echoes the message that emerges from top-tier government initiatives downwards Why necessary for BC? Governments around the globe are utilizing events as an integral part of their leslies for regional development.

Therefore, there is an increasing need to ensure event public policy has the capacity to facilitate opportunities for regional development. Generally speaking, event public policies are often inconsistent or vague. In BC, although there is a growing need for both effective and appropriate event policy development and analysis, BC is lacking any written and formal event public policy. We have an array of diverse events here but no common body, language or understanding of how it should be integrated.