Car Theft Short Story Essay

With the television on and my mom asleep I found myself with a problem.

With my mind open and my knees bouncing I searched the house looking for something to do. After several laps around the house I found my mom’s keys. Without hesitation I bolted out the back door slowly shutting it behind me. Jumping the fence and approaching the car I finally decided to jump in.

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Already knowing how to drive, I wasn’t nervous.Leaving the lights off so that the glare wouldn’t seep into my mom’s window right in front of me, I slowly but surely backed out of our driveway then approached Montgomery road from our cul-de-sac. Looking for any sign of trouble I drove on, thinking to myself, well I’ve driven this far, a little more won’t hurt. I soon approached the intersection next to Walgreen’s, With a green light, I kept driving, soon to see two policemen posted on the side of the street waiting for reckless drivers. I tried quickly thinking of something to do to avoid passing them.I decided that it would be best to just drive by them and keep my cool. I stayed in my course and kept my eyes off of them not to create suspicion, I heard yelling from them. Looking around it was apparent that they were yelling at me.

So like any true American teen would do, I tried to lose them. I turned down the street right over a hill so they couldn’t see me. Not going over the speed limit I turned down several side streets hoping I had lost them. As I drove I realized why the police were yelling.When I was on Montgomery road I could see very well but on these side streets it was like I was blind. I had never turned my lights on when I had backed out of my drive way. I began cursing to myself, hitting the dash board thinking how I could have been so stupid? After turning my lights on I pulled onto a dead end parking close to the end thinking that they wouldn’t follow, I sat giving myself time to think where I was going to go to avoid them. Before I could figure anything out, I saw the wide beam search lights of two police cars.

When the cars arrived down the street I decided to give them my cooperation, I knew that struggle would have terrible consequences. After parking, one of the officers came up to my window asking me my age instead of asking me to see my license and registration. I didn’t lie, I told him 14 and got out of the car putting my hands behind my back. Without him talking he threw me in the squad car. While the other police officer contacted my mom I waited wondering if she would press charges.

When she arrived I heard one of the officers saying that she should press charges.After waiting awhile for her to make a decision I saw my door open letting me out and loosening my cuff this was more scary than me going down to Americana Park by myself, knowing that I would be yelled at all night. Surprisingly when I went in the car to the time I was home my mom was so disappointed that she said nothing. After this whole adventure I had it pretty easy, with a day in Americana Park, a 100 dollar fine, and month grounding, I knew that there could have been much greater consequences.