Care for a child with aids Essay

Summary of the Hospice care for the child with AIDSHospice care provides comforting and quality life maintaining services to people sick to death which includes pain and symptom management, family bereavement support and promoting peaceful and dignified departure (Buckingham et al., 2001)            Children may die prematurely from accidents and other diseases which do not have cure such as AIDS of which by 1998, 590,000 children globally had been infected, 510,000 under five having died and 8,000 under 13 years having been infected since it began , (WHO and CDC quoted in Buckingham et al.,2001)            During HIV-AIDS transition, children may experience tiredness, pain, discomfort and erratic physical malfunctioning leading to development of fear of uncertainty, loss of significant people, pain and discomfort. Their anger may be directed to family members while temper tantrums, irritability, ranky, and aggression, may be developed.            AIDS children are worried of death which they perceived as being universal, irreversible, non-functional and causal. Parents too fear disclosing infection to children due to the need to protect them from stigma, diminished normalcy and to avert family conflicts and guilt.            Hospice programs, whether home or hospital based, may issue antiviral drugs to prevent PCP, hepes, antibiotics and opportunistic infections.

Home based care is preferred since it caters for the child’s needs as opposed to hospital which could be isolating. Children in these programs need engagement in normal activities and be provided with care such as nutritional management by providing sort drinks, liquid food supplements, multivitamin supplements frozen foods, choice foods, and avoiding acidic foods,), management of opportunistic infections (i.e.

through hygiene, restriction to pets and vaccinating family members), pain management through pain medication drugs, and protecting caregivers. A child’s final departure brings a lot challenges to the family characterized by grief and relief. However, hospice program should ensure peaceful departure.

ReferencesBuckingham, R.W. and Meister, E.A (2001) Hospice care for the child with AIDS: The social Science Journal.