Career Development Plan Part I- Job Analysis and Selection Essay

InterClean, Inc.

Memo To:Sales Supervisory Team and human resources department From:KC Sales Manager Date:August 24, 2009 Re:Career Development Plan Part I- Job Analysis and Selection Now that InterClean, Inc. has merged with EnviroTech some changes in the structure of the company are going to be made. The company will no longer sell only cleaning products but will also provide full-service cleaning solutions for organizations in the healthcare industry. A new sales team that will be using a specialized development plan to help the team succeed with the company’s new strategy.The specialized development plan will be known as the Career Development Plan. The plan will be in four stages. The first stage that will be discussed at this time will be to conduct a job analysis, create a workforce planning system on sales development, and selection of the new members of the sales team. Since the sales team is going to be restructured, a new job analysis will be done for all the new salesperson positions in InterClean, Inc.

In order for the right candidates to be chosen, KC who is the Sales Manager will be using specific job analysis methods to help her understand what the position entitles.The methods she will be using are but not limited to the following: observations, structured questionnaires, job performance, and training (Cascio, 2006). KC would be able to observe the current sales representatives to see the daily activities for the position and get a better understanding of the position. Another analysis method that should be used is structured questionnaires. Cascio (2006) stated, “These questionnaires list tasks, behaviors (e.

g. , negotiating, coordinating, using both hands), or both. Tasks focus on what gets done.This is a job-oriented approach.

Behaviors, on the other hand, focus on how a job is done. This is a worker-oriented, or ability-requirements, approach. The ratings provide a basis for scoring the questionnaires and for developing a profile of actual job requirements. One of the most popular structured questionnaires is the position analysis questionnaire (PAQ)” Chap. 5, p. 165). KC will be using a structured questionnaire specifically the position analysis questionnaire (PAQ). According to PAQ Services, Inc.

(2009), “the position analysis uestionnaire is a structured job analysis questionnaire containing 194 items called job elements. These elements are worker-oriented. Each job element is rated on six scales: extent of use, importance, time, possibility of occurrence, applicability, and a special code for certain jobs” (para. 3). KC finds that by using the PAQ she will have even more in depth understanding of the sales position and to be able to choose appropriate candidates. The third job analysis method KC will use is to understand the job performance.Cascio (2006) stated, “with this approach, an analyst actually performs the job under study to get firsthand exposure to what it demands” (Chap.

5, p. 165). Because KC will already be using the observations and structured questionnaires methods, she will already have a good understanding of the job performance and know what the job requires for a potential applicant. Lastly, KC may need to also use the training method. With the training method, KC will be able to identify and determine what training is needed for the position (HR-Guide. om, 1999).

She will be able to get a feel of what training material will be needed as well as being able to get an idea of the effectiveness of the training that has been provided (HR-Guide. com, 1999). KC knows that the training is essential for the sales team to be at “their” best and be current and ahead in the industry. With the job analysis completed, KC will now be able to go in further detail of the job duties and specifications that will pertain to the new sales department.Now that a job analysis has been done for the sales position, the next step is providing the job duties and specifications for the potential employees to review. Here are just a few of the top job duties and specifications that will be required for any individual wanting to hold a position on the sales team. A few of the job duties that the sales team will have to do is meet a monthly quota and help generate leads for the company.

The sales team will have to maintain accurate records of the sales and prospective leads by performing sales calls, possibly presentations, and follow-up activities.Another duty the sales team needs to be able to perform would be to follow all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes and ensure everything is communicated and implemented within the team and the rest of the company. Another duty that the sales team needs to be able to do is have an understanding of the products being sold by the company. Each person on the sales team needs to find unique and different ways to contribute to the educational and training programs that will be offered to the company’s clients, potential clients, and the company employees.In order for anyone to be considered for the sales team, potential candidates need to have at least these specifications.

The candidate needs to have some kind of sales background. The candidate must also have a customer service background that includes good rapport with the customer, marketing dynamics to help generate and close the sale, and be able to adapt quickly and communicate on the customer’s level. Another important specification for the sales team is having computer skills and software knowledge.

The candidate needs to know how to use efficiently Windows operating system and MS Office in order to do the daily operations of the position. With having an understanding of the job analysis, job duties, and job specifications for the sales team, the next step is to create a workforce planning system on sales development for the team. A new workforce planning system is needed for the sales team since the merger took place. In the workforce planning system several activities could be needed such as a talent inventory, a workforce forecast, action plans, or even control and evaluations (Cascio, 2006).

After reviewing the potential employees of the sales team, KC has also been able to review the hard and soft skills of the potential individuals for the sales team. At this point with everything being reviewed and understood of what is expected for the “new” sales team, KC believes that certain positions are needed to make a “complete” sales team of at least six individuals. Every person of the sales team will be crossed trained in each area to allow for sick days, vacations, promotions, or loss of employees.

To meet the needs of the company, there will be a senior sales position, a sales coach, an educational trainer, and three outside sales representatives who will be assigned once the team has been completely hired. Please keep in mind though that the business needs may change as the company continues on the “new strategic direction. ” After covering the selection method with the soft and hard skills of the employees and understanding the business needs, an outline of an action plan is needed for the selection of employees, training, placement, promotion, development, and compensation.Based on the company’s new direction, KC believes that the sales team’s goals should be at least have education and training in the industry so that the team can develop customized packages to meet the clients’ needs and be aware of the current OSHA requirements (University of Phoenix, n.

d. ). After reviewing the potential applicants for the sales team, KC has been able to use a few of the selections methods to make her decision. The selection methods that were used were interviews, applications, and work sample tests based from the interviews.She chose these methods because the advantages were all of them intertwine with each other by getting specific prior job experiences and reviewing the qualifications (Cascio, 2006).

The only disadvantage would be doing the methods individually. By reviewing the talent inventory, KC was able to choose six candidates for the sales team. All the candidates have sales experience and excellent customer services skills. Susan Burnt will be the senior sales representative because of her experience and knowledge of the entire company.Eric Borden will be the sales coach because he has a solid reputation of helping the customer get the best product for his or her needs. Ving Hsu will be the educational trainer because of his experience already performing training seminars. The outside sales representatives will be Jim Martin and Tom Gonzalez for their years of sales experience and Terry Garcia for her ability to communicate, educate, and her use of critical thinking skills in problem resolution. KC believes these individuals will be the start to a successful sales team with everything they have to offer (University of Phoenix, n.

. ). If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns with anything mentioned in this memo, please contact KC, her supervisory team, or human resources for further explanation.

Thank you everyone for your support and dedication on making this merger a success. KC References Cascio, Wayne F. (2006). Managing human resources: productivity, quality of work life, profits (7th ed. ). [University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-Text]. New York: McGraw-Hill. Retrieved May 3, 2009, from University of Phoenix, HRM531 – Human Capital Management.

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