Career Interests Profiler Essay

Conventional meaning that like a routine in my daily life.

I am always striving to maintain a normal flow in my life and I don’t like when things change abruptly. I like the idea that know exactly what is going to occur when I get to work each day and it has always been like that for the past 7 years or since I began my job as a ATA collector.The equipment changes, but ifs always the same procedures. I truly hate when someone tries to make some real drastic changes at work. Conventional can also refer to someone who prefers to work with data or detailed information. That’s probably why I do real well at my job collecting data on a daily basis. Saying that I am enterprising is saying that I would like to be a leader and someone who makes important decisions and also be able to take risk and like the business aspect of things. As a leader for many ears while serving in the united States Army and led my soldiers in carrying out numerous tasks on a daily basis.

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Performed countless exercises throughout my military career. I took charge and made some very crucial decisions that involved lots of risk, while putting the life of my soldiers in danger ways. Tend to be a very realistic person, especially at home. Spent a lot of time tending and caring for my garden.

It keeps me very occupied throughout my weekends at home. I also like to work on my cars and constantly doing modifications to them.Being realistic also involves working outside and I love the outdoors. Being outdoors make you enjoy life to its fullest, by appreciating nature and all its living creatures. Could not take an office job ever again, so I hope so. So based on the results from the interest profiler, I am not one bit surprise by the outcome. This is who basically am. From the results of this test, I seem to have chosen a degree in a field that would fit me well, Business with a Concentration in Accounting, I enjoy working with data.