Career Plan Analysis Paper Essay

The different approaches that management implements for effectiveness. Chapter seven talks about eight different steps for decision-making process for improving the decisions managers have to analyze which include identifying the problem, identifying the decision criteria, weighing the criteria, developing alternatives, analyzing alternatives, selecting alternatives, implementing alternatives, and evaluating session effectiveness.These are some of the providing opportunities I will use to be a good leader. The chapter book itself explains and gives you so many ideas that will help me be more creative towards becoming a business owner in the future.

Did not know how many plans had to be planned ahead for future prospective. The discussions that were discussed in this course among all the students help me learn different ideas from everyone through personal experiences.I actually learned different types of working environments people work in and how dissimilar it is to manage different kind of companies. I also feel that this course motivated and inspired me to keep moving forward as a future business owner and has opened new guidelines to achieve goals. The opportunities that the business industry provides for future business owners is much more than responsibility, it is how you can be a great leader and staying positive for accomplishing goals.

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