Carlos liberal arts education is to educate

Carlos Jiménez Professor Bell English WR 50November 20, 2017 Liberal education in paramedics My major and dream job is a very known career that can save lives. Implying that, I would love to become a paramedic. As of right now, I’m doing my prerequisite classes math, English. For my next semester, I need math three hundred, English three hundred, cardiopulmonary resuscitation class and Physiology one hundred which will ultimately be getting my education and license to become a registered paramedic. The medical field revolves around liberal arts, the goal of a liberal arts education is to educate a student in a broad manner, covering all the major disciplines to a reasonable depth. In English writing fifty, we discussed a question. “Is it valuable to know liberal arts in your major?”. I will be discussing the articles and direct quotes I’ve found through valid online sources and Zakerias: In Defense of a Liberal education. I will be siding towards the option; yes it does play a role in my major. We learn liberal education to help control the human life and live peacefully without that we couldn’t maintain a revolutionary world. Discussing whether or not we need liberal education in life is biased, whether or not we need or don’t need liberal education is up to the person. Usually simply agreeing to disagree is the best we can do. That’s where a liberal education comes in. Dedicated to the free and open pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, a liberal arts education provides a multi-faceted view of the world. It enables a person to see beyond one perspective other than their own, encouraging them to understand others’ point of view, even if they don’t agree. It instructs us to base our opinion and choices on reasons, not emotions. it can help individuals on every side of a debate, have productive conversations which insists to kind open hearted acquaintances.Liberal arts curriculum breaks down into four key parts which are used for the paramedic/medical career here are the key parts listed below. Communication: which includes reading, writing, and speaking to them about their illness or injury. Communication also includes when the doctor or paramedic needs to calm down the patient for instance if a foreigner couldn’t communicate in English needed assistance, the paramedics interpret to help tame the situation.Another important trait of liberal education in humanities. Which involves history, modern language, cultural diversity religion, and ethics. My major works with a lot of patients from different cultures, who express themselves in a number of ways. To understand their expressions, beliefs, and their background will help the paramedics open up and establish a trusting bond or relationship with their patients. To understand the special needs of their cultures other than our own. We need to be aware of who they are, not knowing how to treat the patient due to religion or beliefs could really determine paramedics chances of accident control. Another key trait of liberal education is the social science. Which including economics, psychology, sociology which we also use in our field. The need to help everyday citizens with broken bones, illness or even deaths. So speaking about that we need paramedics, Metaphorically speaking The world couldn’t revolve without them. They are the emergency response unit our last hope at life. Another thing Paramedics use is psychology this skill helps patients from being traumatized, by using their knowledge of the human brain. Last but not least is natural science; including biological science, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Paramedics key goal and focus of their job is to ensure that their patient’s safety and health are in good hands. Paramedics are trained to view treatments and prescribe healthy habits for patients. Which corresponds a healthy bond and relationship orienting hope of being cured. Paramedics work occurs very reckless, chaotic and dangerous environment, The paramedics must organize the anarchy to successfully give health care and learn research on the patients.