Case Analysis Callaway Golf Company Essay

When it comes to the factors contributed to Callaway Golf Company’s success. the enormous attempt it made on updating engineering was one thing. With Senior Executive Vice President like Richard Helmstetter. who is the Chief of New Products every bit good. Research and Development has ever been the lifeblood of Callaway Golf Company ( CGC ) . Helmstetter believes that “If you can do something sufficiently good. what it costs doesn’t affair. ” CGC was systematically be on the taking place of engineering. which differentiated their merchandises from others and led to the consequences that CGC sold more units of equipment at the higher monetary value than any other of its rivals in the market. The consumer behaviour in golf equipment industry was another factor that led to CGC’s success. First. golf was unlike about any other athletics. the equipment played a important function in golfer’s public presentation. Therefore. golf players ever seeking for an border that would assist better their dramas.

Average golf players. who were the section CGC targeted. were able to state the noticeable differences when they used premium equipment. The advanced engineerings CGC had with their merchandises absolutely fitted the behaviour. Second. when doing a purchase. most golf players accepted viva-voce recommendations. The signifier of advertisement worked for CGC since golf was played in groups of people who spent hours together. and whenever one participant had a good shooting with a new nine. it impressed others. The last factor that contributed to CGC’s success was the support mechanisms it provided to its retail merchants. As CGC achieved merchandise distinction with continuously updated engineering. it was of import for retail sales representative to understand the merchandise and engineering good.

To carry through the end. CGC supplied its retail merchants with booklets. informational picture. minor merchandise ushers. and preparation. CGC besides provided merchandise advertisement. indorsements. guarantee plans and most significantly. the closeouts to assist its retail channels. Closeouts occurred when a new-product debut or when CGC would wish to acquire rid of its stock list and it helped the retail merchants to convey down the mean cost of the staying stock list every bit good. As a consequence of these support mechanisms. CGC was placed in top three for excellence in client service.