Case Assignment: Email Policy Essay

This email is to announce a new acceptable email use policy that will take effect on 1 April 2011. All personnel, to include but not limited to employees, consultants, and others working with the company, who use the company’s email system, are required to comply with this policy statement. This policy is to inform all employee’s, within the company, how they are expected to use their company email accounts and what would constitute as misuse in your day-to-day working activities. Acceptable Email Use Policy-The use of email by the employee’s of ACME is permitted and encourage as long as its use supports the goals, mission, and objectives of ACME. It is meant to be used for business purposes. Each employee must ensure they: * Comply with current rules, regulations, and legislation * Use email in an acceptable way; limited personal use of email is allowed if in compliance with this policy and is reasonable in amount and does not interfere with work performance or business needs * Do not misuse the internet which can introduce unnecessary risk to the company Unacceptable Email Use Policy- Introducing any form of computer virus or malware into the company network * Forwarding company messages outside of the company network * Use of company systems to set up or work on personal businesses * Sending chain letters * Visiting, distributing, or storing images or text that may be considered offensive, discriminatory, or abusive to others * Visiting, distributing, or storing images or text that may be considered pornographic, indecent, illegal, or obscene * Transmitting unsolicited commercial or advertising material * Efforts to break into the company’s confidential files* Unauthorized use of a password ACME accepts that the use of email is a valuable and necessary business tool and provides it for business purposes. However, misuse of this tool can have a negative impact on productivity of all employees’ and the reputation of the business as a whole.

Emails should be professional, courteous, and in compliance with legislation. To ensure compliance with this acceptable use policy, all email is subject to the right of the company to monitor, access, read, delete, copy, and disclose any and all email. ACME also reserves the right to use monitoring software.This monitoring is for legitimate purposes only and will be done in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth. If it is believed that an employee of ACME has violated this acceptable use email policy, that person will face the company’s disciplinary board. If it is found that the employee had violated the policy, the punishment can range from a verbal warning to an all out dismissal from the company. The punishment will depend on the seriousness of the violation and the employee’s disciplinary history within the company.

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If there are any questions regarding this policy please address them to me and I will be glad to assist.Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Shannon Wilson SUMMARY: I am in the military and have been for almost 21 years. Our Acceptable use policy is what we use to ensure the safety of our network. We use it, not only with email but with internet use as a whole. It informs our military of what is acceptable and what is not. Our military network is very much a foreign and domestic target and we have to ensure we do the best we can to safeguard our confidential systems. The format I used was gleaned from the article Professional Email Needs Attention.

It states that “Even if you don’t think you need to paragraph, try short paragraphs. It relieves the eyes and makes the reader kinder toward your message. ” I ensured that my policy email flowed and that there were paragraphs separating discussion topics. In the article Email in Haste, Panic at Leisure, it discussed how to word your emails without being offensive or disparaging. I chose to emphasize the principles that we emphasize within the military.

Those principles are that email is for business purposes and misuse of it can be grounds punishment.That punishment can be, and isn’t limited to, the taking away of that privilege. If that privilege is not available for use for that Soldier, he is severely disadvantaged in that he can no longer receive important information that is passed through email on a daily basis. I chose to write the message as I did because in the military we are taught from the beginning to be direct and to the point.

There is no ‘beating around the bush’. I was clear and concise when I stated the policy, what was within the policy, and what would happen if that policy was violated.