Case studies in Instructional Design Essay

·         In the case of Rebekka Chapman, what are some of the suggested strategies that you would recommend for circumventing or eliminating the barriers Rebekka was encountering?After a thorough analysis of the case study it is evident that there is a serious lack of communication which is having a negative impact on the student-teacher relationship. The students feel that by giving them a lot of assignments and treating them in a ‘kiddish’ manner has to be stopped, whereas the instructor feels that the students have to get ready to handle their jobs in the coming years.

My perception on this is that the matter should be thoroughly discussed between the teacher and the students, so as to get their view points across to the other party. Miss Rebbekka should be present during this meeting so as to intervene if need be. By openly discussing this matter, both the parties can get to know of the others view and their interests.

According to my view Miss Tami Linden is correct in her views that she has to prepare the students for their future jobs, but for this she needs cooperation from the students as well. This cooperation can be achieved by telling the students their future job requirements and letting them know that the teacher has their best interests in her heart. The students can also explain their views to the teacher in an efficient way through the meeting and by this a mutual coordination can be achieved which would be having a positive impact on the student-teacher relationship.

·         In the case of Denny Clifford, what are some of the suggested strategies that you would recommend for circumventing or eliminating the barriers Denny was encountering?After reading the case study it is evident that serious negotiation has to take place among Denny Clifford and his client Dr. Cynthia Oakes to work out a strategy which would suit both of them. The basic conflict is present because of different concerns of Clifford and Oakes.

Oakes wants to incorporate such teaching methods which would ensure that the students grasp the concept individually according to her strategy. Whereas Clifford’s primary goal is to develop the workshop in a successful way which would meet the requirements of his client as well as to achieve the required results. According to my view-point both the efficient teaching and the result orientation is important for a student throughout his academic career. So the work shop should be conducted in a way which would initiate both these primary requirements in the study curriculum. For this purpose Danny has to have a couple of meetings with Dr. Oaks to ensure every point is covered.

This would also ensure that Dr. Oaks stats taking interests in the work shop and not only her teaching technique.·         In the case of Carla Fox, what are some of the suggested strategies that you would recommend for circumventing or eliminating the barriers Carla was encountering?In this case study it seems that Carla Fox is the only one concerned with incorporating innovativeness and searching for new and better ways to provide quality education, whereas the rest of the staff is so used to the old strategies that they do not feel comfortable with the changes. It’s a basic human nature of getting used to old practices, and the mere idea of change is viewed as something wrong.

Carla has her work cut out for her because the teachers aren’t going to help her in bringing about certain changes. Carla has to motivate the teachers and make them face the fact that teachers have to bring about continuous change in themselves and their strategies in order to successfully convey it across to the students. This can be done by certain activities which would be a driving force towards the changes, along with this it is necessary that Carla show the pros the new teaching strategies would bring about.

·         In the case of Jackie Adams, what are some of the suggested strategies that you would recommend for circumventing or eliminating the barriers Jackie was encountering?According to the case Jackie Adams is inexperienced with the work assignment he has been delegated with. To successfully earn the experience as well as the satisfaction of doing a job well, it is necessary that Jackie communicates his apprehensiveness to his senior. This would let his boss know that he doesn’t have any familiarity with doing such jobs, as well as getting advice and ideas of going about the job. By doing this alone, Jackie can successfully complete his assignment.BibliographyMclaughlin, M.W., Talbert, J.

E. (2006) Building School-based Teacher Learning Communities: Professional Strategies to Improve Student Achievement. Teachers College Press