Case Study Essay

One’s safety is very important, but it can be hard to maintain within one of these places, as at times the place is actually just a church or another community building where meetings are held. Depending on the illness it could be hard to keep track of what the patient is doing, using and even if they are truly taking their medication and showing up to the meetings. So it would then also have to depend on the clinic itself when considering what type of system to incorporate. That being said, there are different types of requirements from either the seer or the system itself.

So let’s start with the user. 1 Usability: The staff must be able to use it effectively and from various locations. They may also find themselves in an under pressure situation as a patient could harm themselves, or others. 2. Safety: This goes back to the harm that a patient may cause themselves; the user needs to be able to e prepared for anything when dealing with these patients. 3. Privacy: The user must at all times keep their patient’s privacy just that. The user needs to follow all privacy guidelines. 4. Costs: the cost must be reasonable as a lot of the clinics are run on donations.

So the users must be able to afford to keep the system up and running and up to date. As for the System they are similar but different at the same time. The system itself needs to be safe and function in ways that the user can actually use it safely and get the information that they need. According to the author at PACE university there are several concerns that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to dealing the systems needed for mental health patients. 1. The records need to be safe in the yester. There also needs to be safety precautions put into the system as well.

The system needs to alert the user that the patient could be dangerous to themselves or others. 2. “The system shall provide fields that allow details of incidents or threats of deliberate self-harm to be maintained. ” (MECUMS Case Study, 2014) 3. The case study also mentions that the system should provide a way to generate warning letters for the patients that warns the staff and family members of the chance of possible self harm. 4. The system should also be able to hold on to important information, such as any accidental harm or any other incidents so that they can be easily obtained by the staff. . The system also needs to be able to supply the staff with any treatment details, and to hold on to the older treatments so they can keep an eye on what has been done and what may need to be done. 6. “The system shall provide information to medical staff which reduces the probability of over-prescription of medication” (MECUMS Case Study, 2014) 7. The system should also be required to keep an up to date file of the different consultations the patient has been through and to keep those notes handy.