Case Study Dirt Bike Essay

Case Study E-Commerce – Dirt Bike U. S. A. Development of an e-commerce strategy The Coos of Dirt Bike U.

S. A. “are confident that developing a new E-Commerce Strategy would be a beneficial for their company. Up to now they focused on selling Bikes and accessories only via authorized retailers. The majority of their marketing is achieved by advertisements placed in various magazines read by their target group.

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In addition the company is present at all important public aces, doing direct promotion targeting their possible customers.Your task is to evaluate, if and which impact the introduction of an e-commerce strategy along with setting up a new website would have on the company’s popularity and sales. Prepare a comprehensive report for the management answering the following questions: 1 How can “Dirt Bike” benefit from a new e-commerce strategy? Should they sell Bikes and/or accessories via their homepage or just focus on advertising their products and services? Should they offer an online customer support?Describe and justify target outcomes! 2.

Research and develop different design concepts to create an attractive and profitable website. Research to find out more about set-up and maintenance costs. Estimate the necessary profits and cost savings provided by the website to make the initial investment cost effective. 3.

Create a draft of Dirt Bikes website regarding form, function and functionality. Include features of existing websites and their features.