Case Study for Apple Essay

Case Study for Apple Summary: Apple, the most well-know company, makes the significant change in the world by created iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPod, Mac, and Apple TV as well after Steve jobs returned. Apple has the sustainable competitive advantages to compete with their rivals. For example, it not only provides the excellent products but also the service such as App store. As a result, Apple became the number one company in the 500 fortune last year, and continues making profits.

For this case study, we are going to verify what elements make apple keep success and dominate the market. 1. Create a profile of Apple’s product portfolio, including performance measures and essential competitive considerations. What strategic implications does the profile uncover? ProductsPerformance measures (Dollars in millions)Essential Competitive Desktops$6,439(Up 4%)All-in-one design, especially for Mac mimi. Portables$13,344(Down 36%)Portable computer designed iPod$7,453(Up 10%)Combine digital music and media players

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Other music related products and services$6,314(Up 28%)Such as iTunes,application, supports the service by purchase or download iPhone and related products and services$47,057(Up 87%)Combine mobile phone and many functions as a smart phone iPad and related products and services$20,358(Up 311%)multi-purpose mobile device Peripherals and other hardware$2,330(Up 28%)Great design of peripherals and their hardware Software, service and other sales$2,954(Up15%)Specially for the professional consumers

According to profile of Apple’s product, we can find that iPhone and related products and services have the highest profits, because they provide the high quality product with innovation. Combing a simple mobile phone and many applications allow their consumers have the great user experience. Also, they cooperate with the third-party service and provide an AI assistant, Siri, to conventions people live. 2.

How does Apple’s strategy stand up against competitive rivalry in the industry? Apple’s strategy stand up against their competitor is to continue making the excellent product with innovation and various functions. Also, having the ingenuity for the marketing is the most important reason to make apple success and dominate the market over their competitors. 3. Are the strategic challenges facing Apple? Domestically? Internationally?

The most strategic challenges facing Apple is that Steve Jobs could not design the new product with his teams anymore, so they need to find new people to lead this company to go to the next step and sustains their competitive advantages. Also, there are too many competitors in the world, so they have to take consideration of market change. 4. Develop outline and discuss key factors of Apple’s SWOT analysis? Strength: Brand image, market leadership, patent technology, and innovation of the products. Weakness: Cost of new technique, copy of business structure and product.

Opportunity: going global, dominate the market over the world Threats: Business cycle, too many competitors from outside of the countries. 5. What does Apple have to do to continue to innovate new products? Apple has to do continue to innovate new products because this is their sustainable competitive advantages. Creating new product with high innovation and good shape is very important for Apple to catch current and expected consumers, and make them want to purchase instead of buying other products.