Case Study of Architect Wong Chee Keong Essay

Ar. Wong Chee Keong, who is the manager of Chee Keong Architect, was born in 1963 and grew up in Kulim, a metropolis in the province of Kedah. He finished his grade in the University of Melbourne and worked in different states before returning to Malaysia. He has learned a batch analyzing and working abroad, most significantly he able to do full usage of his experiences to his advantage in his chosen calling of architecture. That’s why he has acquired a good acumen in the concern of architecture.

His has done rather a figure of hotels and high rise edifices. Most of them are of Neo-contemporary manner architecture with dramatis personae of classicalism which can be best revealed through his chef-d’oeuvres – Shangrila Hotel Jakarta and One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya. In this undertaking, I attempt to convey an apprehension of Ar. Wong Chee Keong’s architectural theory through a direct, indirect observation and besides analysis of his local chef-d’oeuvre – One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

I will analyze and review the relationship between the edifice in relation to three relevant factors viz. : architectural theory, climatic status and besides user experience.I regard that One World Hotel is designed based on Neo-modernism theory as there are many cardinal features of Neo-modernism that can be seen on it. As we know, Neo-modernism is a reaction to Post-modernism’s elaboratenesss and complexness every bit good as the acceptance of Pre-modern design elements. Like other Neo-modern edifices, this hotel portions legion features of modernism, for illustration taking for greater simpleness which consequences in rejection of ornaments and classical ornamentations. Very evidently, the edifice facade is obviously without any cosmetic elements. One World Hotel’s simpleness and uniformity best reveal through the edifice facade that is designed following grid line.

Besides, the use of insistent squarish component in the facade design better enhanced the uniformity and simpleness of the edifice. Neomodernist edifices, similar to Modernist edifices, are intended to be largely massive and functional. Likewise, One universe Hotel ‘s massive and harmoniousness on the frontage of the edifice is related to the stuffs and colour being used.

Merely beige brick wall and tinted window are used in the design to showcase the kernel of massive in Neo-modernism. One World hotel is one of the favourite locations for leisure, concern and meeting in Petaling Jaya. It is designed sing to the usage of homo footings which is in-line with what Neo-modernism edifice is seeking to make. One World Hotel is planned in a really urban residential comfort manner with different infinites functioning different maps. Guestrooms, eating houses, bars, meeting room, watering place, sweat room, fittingness centre, tennis tribunal, swimming pool, golf class and a batch more functional infinites in the hotel are all designed to carry through the customers’ demands and desires. He ever sees from assorted point of position and ne’er keep his head. That’s why the hotel he designed is really user friendly and serves people from all walks of life.

In add-on, One World Hotel turn toing short approachs that Post-modernism pointed out – contextualism and regional context. It is located in a really strategic location in where the bosom of Petaling Jaya is, plus surrounded by the thriving concern territory of Petaling Jaya. Morover, it is adjoined to One Utama Shopping Centre, one of the best shopping Centre in Malaysia. This perfect location enable easy entree from assorted waies and brings visitants to different countries of the metropolis, such as recreational Parkss and iconic landmarks. Ar. Wong Chee Keong understood the importance of holding a strategic location in edifice planning since his immature age when was brought up in that sort of environment. He has farther developed his urban planning accomplishments and this is proven in the instance of One World Hotel which has a tactical location program.Malaysia has a tropical hot and humid clime, with truly warm yearss and comparatively cool darks.

Climatic conditions and responds such as sun way, Sun tallness, constructing orientation, wind way, predominating air current, Windowss and gaps location and dimensions, cross airing, stack airing, natural lighting, natural airing, constructing colour and a batch more were taken into history when Ar. Wong Chee Keong was planing the One World Hotel. The orientation of the hotel shows less respond to the sun way. The longer axis of the hotel is oriented in North – South way while the shorter axis of the edifice is oriented in East – West way.

It means, the longer axis of One World Hotel is confronting East and West, exposed to direct sunshine. This can caused the heat addition and usually designers avoid planing edifice confronting sun way to hold easier control over the indoor thermic comfort degree. There is no correct or incorrect in design. The hotel oriented in such manner might non hold good thermic status, or it might hold ( if there is a solution to work out the job ) , but no affair what, we should non judge the design by our ain sentiments, we should non state that this is designed wrongly or this is a bad design. There must be a ground for it to be done in that manner. Possibly there is a deep idea behind or there is any other consideration he put in the design. On the other manus, Windowss in the same size are arranged in all waies ( North, South, East, West, North – East, North – West, South – East, South – West ) in order to let air current from different waies to come in to the hotel. One World Hotel design ingeniously minimized the sum of Windowss confronting to East and West to avoid direct sunshine.

Natural lighting and natural airing are introduced to the hotel to cut down the energy ingestion. Besides, cross airing is obtained in the corridors linking hotel suites from two opposite waies. This inactive chilling helps to supply a fresh and comfy indoor temperature for the users. Alternatively of holding same size windward and leeward Windowss at the same degree, it is better to hold low located big windward Windowss and high located little leeward Windowss to increase the cross airing. Furthermore, the exterior wall of One World Hotel is painted ecru for few grounds. One of the most major grounds is light colour strategy helps to maintain the edifice ice chest. Besides, light colour strategy reflect more light and absorb less heat compared to dark colour strategy.

This is a really of import factor to be concerned with particularly for constructing like One World Hotel that is located in the Equator and besides with the users and maps of the edifice that requires high degree of thermic comfort.The topic of fire resistance Essay

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