Cash Crop of Pakistan Essay

The type of research that we recommend is exploratory research as we only have to forecast the sales volume for the next five years. Delieverable: As exploratory research only can clarify the ambiguios situation or can discover ideas that may be potential business opportunities so we can use another research that is casual research in this research we can increase the volume of the sales by adding some new equipments that are more easy to use for the customer or which customer can be satisfied.Statement 2: Descriptive Research.

Deliverables: In this problem we will use descriptive research as association is only trying to identify the group of people who donate more then 50,000 for lungs patient. Other than that we can do surveys or can make the reports to identify only group of people who donate more than Rs. 50,ooo per year for lungs patients. Statement 3: Casual Research. Delieverables:By this research, we can find the reasons of increasing cost of gasoline and the declining in product selling other then that we can conduct research by the economist and can implement the factors or the outcomes from the research. Statement 4: Descriptive research.

as they launched a product so they want to know about the feedback of their targeted customers whether they want to use this product or not. Delieverables:By this research we will come to know about the feed back of our customer or we can know further we wil know about that how much of customers are satisfied with the quality of our product. By this research we wil also come to figure out whether we should invest in manufacturing this new certain type of product or not.

Statement 5: Descriptive research. Deliverables; We can come to know about the age group specifically playing bingo, gender their area of interest other than playing or we can analyze or can conduct questionnaires to know about the percentage of people who love to play bingo.