Preventative HealthcareAll kittens should receive their first vaccination at 9 weeks with a second follow up booster at 12 weeks with annual vaccination boosters every year for life these vaccinations can protect cats from contracting various diseases and viruses. The vaccine for cats protects them from Cat Flu, the Feline Immunodeficiency virus (FIV), Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Rabies and Panleukopenia  . It can be assumed that all kittens are born with worms (although this can be prevented at birth if the mother is wormed before she gives birth) however kittens should be wormed every 2 weeks from when they’re 3 weeks old to 8 weeks old and than every month until they are 6 months old and from than its every 3 months for the rest of their lives. It is recommended to worm a   Various spot on treatments are also available to protect your cat from any Endo or Ectoparasites they may acquire.Before your cat reaches her first heat around or before 6 months your cat whether male or female should be spayed or neutered this mean the removal of the reproductive organs to prevent not only unwanted litters but to also protect against testicular cancers, uterine infections, ovarian cysts and cancer of the reproductive tract.GroomingThe Maine Coons coat as its so long would require grooming to keep it matt and tangle free, a simple steel comb or a grooming brush will work in the grooming of your Maine Coon; done gently of course, no one likes getting hair pulled and any cat would make it known if you hurt them during the grooming process which would make future endeavors at grooming not so easy. Regular nail trimming is also essential to keep nails neat and ear and eye cleaning when required to keep your Maine Coon at optimal peak appearance.(, 2017)Housing requirementsCats are quite self reliant and don’t require much if they are outdoor cats besides the usual healthcare and food for our feline friends. For the Maine Coon and indoor cats in general some of the basic necessities are things like a cat bed from personal experience cats enjoy smaller and cosier dark spaces to sleep but aren’t afraid to sleep where they please and where comfortable and warm for them. All indoor cats should have a  litter box and it must be cleaned regularly and with pet friendly products. Cats by nature are very clean creatures so a clean litter tray is a must and it also aids in keeping their coats clean also. For the litter tray there is a number of different products you can use to line your cats litter tray, from specialized cat litter gravel, to wooden pellets to even the more natural route of sand (which clumps urine and faecal matter very well) and a handful of baking soda to keep the litter freshness for longer it just depends on whatsuits your budget and of course what your cat likes. If there are multiple cats in your home there should be a litter box for each one as well. With cats come the need to scratch it’s a natural behaviour cats do to trim their nails and also to remove dirt and other debris from under their claws. Cats also have scent glands in their paws and they scratch in a process to “mark their territory” if you have a pet cat it is recommended that they have a scratching post of some kind. A scratching post comes in different shapes and sizes but it’s generally covered in a rough or coarse material for example Coir a material that’s harder for a cat to ruin when scratching. It is also ideal to give your cat a scratch post as it will deter them from finding other places to scratch such as couches and curtains and clothes.COMPREHENSIVE DESCRIPTION OF ANIMAL WELFARE SKILLS ACQUIRED DURING PRACTICAL WORKPet suitabilityMaine Coons are a very friendly breed and are supposed to very good with people and children if cared for correctly and kindly. Maine Coons if socialized well can also live with dogs from a young age. Maine Coons love to play and be played with using various types of cat toys and loves being fussed over when it suits them ( like all cats really). Males are usually more playful than than the females but again this all depends on your Maine Coons personality. They would make an excellent family pet but would also suit a single person or couple looking for a playful and friendly cat.HandlingWhether you are handling an adult cat or a small kitten there are very specific ways to handle them. For kittens they should never be handled until after the mother is comfortable for you to do as they can be protective of their young, I also would not recommend very young children to handle a kitten unless they’ve very strict supervision as baby kittens are quite fragile . With young kittens picking them up individually for a short amount of time everyday is very beneficial for them to become well handled and socialized pets. With small kittens it’s helpful to lay them on their backs while in your arms, touch and rub their heads and stomachs their front and back paws and tails also checking their eyes and ears so they become familiar with the sensations. For an older cat when you bring them home it is recommended to leave them to acclimatize themselves to their new environment but making sure they know where to find their new litter tray. When you want to pick your cat up its suggested to pick them up by sliding your hand between their forelimbs keeping them close to your body and scooping their hind limbs to help them feel secure. This depends on your cat what works for one may not work for another and not all cats even like being picked up but like being cuddled it all depends on your pets personality.