Causes and Effects of Going to School Essay

Causes and Effects of Going to SchoolThe city New York is considered one of the largest cities in the United States. The beautiful form of New York shows the genius people who have structured it. Who has contributed to the build of this giant city should inevitably be a group of intelligent engineers who has graduated in several schools and universities.

The diversity of schools and universities is in line with the differing causes, which calls for students to take refuge in schools. Overall, the causes, led to plenty effects, that invites students to school can be summarized in: openness to different cultures, strength the physical condition, and the development of the artistic sense. Openness to different cultures pushes some students to access to school. The students learn how to coexist peacefully between the different varieties of human beings because they are inside the space of the school, which is the fertile environment that includes different races with many traditions and customs. Therefore, the big chance open up closely for students to know the different dress habits and speeches.

In addition, the mixture of molten cultures interfere and combine with each other so that the circulating of ideas and habits become so instant. The students also learn the meaning of the acceptance others as well as learn some foreign words, and the knowledge of some the countries’ names that exist in the five continents.Consequently, the cultural encyclopedia of those students expand so that they may make a lot friendships outside the school. That why those pupils consider space of school an easy environment to meet different nationalities and to open to several mindsets; they learn new things that help them avoid the physical and financial travel fees. The school is seen by some pupils as a place to strength their physical intention.

The school contains multiple facilities in order to conduct various kinds of sports including swimming, weightlifting instruments, and soccer etc… . Because the human being is a spirit mind, and body, many of pupils consider school as a refuge that is commensurate with their sportive aspirations and inclinations. In addition the school is the right place to practice some collective sports such as football and basketball; it is also the appropriate space to review the sportive competencies, the competitions, and the spiritual teamwork. At result, going to school may produce a positive and negative effects on the lives of these students. The positive side is in building a strong muscles and the permanent vitals and activities .

Add to that, the acquisition of the sportive culture that keep pace with the time. The negative effects may be the vanity and the sense of the over power that take some pupils inside a petty brawls in order to review their muscles.And others of them may forget that they live in country, which is governed by law so their degree of violence augments against the people who are less powerful than them. Some students find the school the haven for the development of their artistic sense. The school embraces classes in various domains like the musical and drawing arts. Because art is amazing thing, some students find themselves obligated to take lessons in the formation of the musical sections or to participate in the training that indicates how to draw in the panels. These students have the chance to play with the different musical instruments from the cello to the guitar and know the currents musical programs in computers.

Because the art as the rest of the other things needs the practice, it somehow pushes pupils to be present excessively in events such as the dissolutive evenings as well as Birthday parties with friends and loved ones in order to show their competence in how to play on the musical instruments.Consequently, those type of students become addicted to certain Types of alcohols and drugs that affect negatively their future; they may creep to cover the addiction’ expenses. School is a mother who educates generations the spirit of the harmony with the different components of human beings; it is the forum for social cross, and space to practice various sports activities and art. There are varied reasons and changing effects and conditions which call for students to go to school, but it remains the perseverance, consider school a way not a purpose, the unique port to produce the advanced society.