Causes and effects of War Essay

Causes and effects of WarMain objectives            We live in a world afflicted by different types of turmoil be it economical, social or political.

However, its politics that leads to the most significant and destructive type of friction since more times than not, there is loss of life. Our history is one filled with bloodshed and the causes of those wars are diverse as there are different tribes and races across the globe. This paper will try to establish:The various causes of war and whether those causes were justified or not and if there could have been betterThe severe effects that have resulted from these wars.Alternative methods of resolving conflicts.Lessons learnt from these wars.Role played by major leaders in starting and stopping wars.Main research question of the research paperThe main question that this research will strive to answer is “Is war justified.

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” There are various philosophical debates that have raged over the past with two different groups differing sharply over the issue of war. There are those who have claimed that war is unjustified no matter what the reason might be and have argued that any crises can be solved without resulting to military intervention. Others have argued using the just war theory that there can be just reasons to go to war despite the loss of life that is bound to occur. These proponents for war have insisted that reasons like defending against external aggression, restoring democracy or stopping the commitment of heinous crimes against humanity might be moral reasons to wage war (Clausewitz & Rapoport, 1982).  .Decisions to wage war are usually political in nature carried out by people intent on achieving a particular political goal.

It is important to note that war can be engaged not only by different countries but by government forces fighting militia groups. In the past one of the major reasons for war was the need for some leaders to extend their political control beyond their sovereign borders. These leader’s expansionist ambitions led to massive war as their sought to conquer others. A good example is Hitler’s ambition to conquer Europe that led to the Second World War that brought many countries to their knees and the death of millions of life. Other reasons why different groups wage war is the need to restore democracy or bring equity which is the main reason why rebellions against present regimes happens. However, most wars in present times are also a necessity to fight terrorism and for countries to protect their citizens against such terrorist attacks.

War has devastating effect on the people and the places it happens. This includes loss of innocent life, damage to property and instability leading to poverty (Enzler, 2006).Conclusion and Recommendations            As mentioned earlier, civilizations have always been plagued by conflict with philosophers like Hume claiming that war is a necessary part of human existence. However, while it is clear that war is dangerous affair to all concerned, there could be possible justification for war in some cases. There are certain guidelines that exist to control how war is conducted to minimize loss of life.

In the future, it would be better to pr5omote tolerance and exploit dialogue as a tool of preventing conflicts.ReferencesClausewitz, C. & Rapoport,A.

 (1982). On War. Penguin books.Enzler, S. (2006).The impact of war on the environment and human health.

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