Celebrities Essay

Opening Strategy: The urge and hunger to be accepted has been a part of human nature since birth.

The celebrity will always be accepted in a judgmental world even if they are brought down at times because their super fans portray them as idols. Bridge: Celebrities are irresistible to the extent where people always want to be connected with them. The obsession with celebrities has developed rapidly leading them to have a significant impact on many individuals. They are perceived as being of high social status, which is intriguing to a materialistic world.Thesis Statement: Celebrity is especially important to contemporary society because ordinary people crave a luxurious lifestyle. Body Paragraph One: Topic Sentence- Part of the luxurious lifestyle celebrities live amongst involves the ability to maintain their appearance, portray an image of looking perfect and consume the best accessories. Detail #1: Celebrities are able to maintain their appearance by purchasing new clothes. Society wishes to be on top of social hierarchy, which they believe is possible if they follow celebrities.

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People are so intrigued in the appearance of celebrities that they have become significant figures. Clothes are important to people because they are necessities. Many people want the glamorous life of having the latest fashion trends whenever they please. Celebrities start fashion trends that influence the way people dress and accessorize themselves. When celebrities start fashion trends that become successful it is evident that society wants what they attain. The Kardashians are examples of celebrities that have become a phenomenon and looked up to more now than ever since they developed their own fashion line.People yearn for the clothes celebrities have so they look up to the fashion lines celebrities create. A few examples of successful clothing lines celebrities created include, Rocawear by Jay Z and Sean John by P.

Diddy. Detail #2: Celebrities look beautiful every time they are visible whether it is in person, through magazines or the media. Society thrives to look “perfect” like celebrities. Their luxurious lifestyle enables them to take care of their image. For instance, they can attend spas weekly.

Thus, older celebrities often appear younger.If a celebrity promotes facial products such as creams, majority of society who admires that celebrity’s image will be interested in purchasing that product. Furthermore, people have become influenced in getting plastic surgery to change their appearance because they favour how celebrities look. Most celebrities have the similar bodies. Through their luxury of maintaining their appearance they are capable of having the best fitness trainers to keep them in shape. Teenagers and young adolescents get their makeup or hair done like a celebrity when going to an event by showing an image of them.The reality is that by people often copying a celebrity’s image it portrays how much society craves to appear as beautiful as them. Their appearance is perceived as the norm; hence it has become significant in society to follow their image.

Detail #3: Celebrities have easy access to goods, therefore when they start their own business distributing products to society their products are analyzed closely by the public. Many people will take their ideas into consideration because they believe the celebrity knows what is best.Home decorative businesses have been developed by different celebrities, which have impacted the way many people design their homes.

By celebrities having successful businesses it proves that society looks up to their styles. They help society develop a sense of style within their homes. Cindy Crawford is an example of a celebrity that produces a popular furniture line.

Her furniture line has influenced society to purchase similar items for their homes. In addition, society may not afford the same quality objects; therefore they will settle for look-a-likes.This shows the extent that society will go to for similar designs and products. Body Paragraph Two: Topic Sentence- Celebrities’ luxurious lifestyle involves them having an endless supply of wealth.

Detail #1: Society desires to be powerful because with power comes the ability to have control. Celebrities are able to have power and influence society because of their wealth. Specifically, if a celebrity backs up a politician those who admire that celebrity will be more willing to vote for that politician. In addition, if a celebrity promotes going green their fans may buy eco friendly products.Detail #2: Privileges are benefits that come with celebrities’ wealth. Celebrities are capable of buying fancy cars, visiting exotic places and treating themselves daily. Society views this as the ideal lifestyle because many are limited when purchasing goods. For instance, an average family may struggle when paying bills, which brings them stress.

Celebrities enjoy their life through the freedom and privileges money provides them. Their lifestyle is portrayed as easy because their wealth allows them to access butlers, maids or personal chefs.Society wishes for fewer priorities in order to have stress free, enjoyable lives.

Detail #3: Wealth allows celebrities to support their families and charity organizations financially. They have the ability to provide their families with many luxuries, for example, provide private schools for their children. People in society work hard to support their family, as celebrities do. However, a celebrity’s income allows them to provide for more than one family, which enables them to contribute extensively to charities.The average person makes just enough to support and spoil their immediate family, even though they wish to contribute to those in need. Therefore, society envies celebrities financial freedom. Wealth is significant because everyone wants security for his or her family. Body Paragraph Three Topic sentence- Main elements of celebrities’ luxurious lifestyle are their fame and popularity.

Detail #1: Popularity is a form of attention, in todays society people thirst for admiration. Everyone desires to be noticed; therefore celebrities are significant because they are at the top of the social pyramid.It is part of human nature to believe one is important when they are popular. This is because their peers look up to them.

Many people lack self – confidence that celebrities have because of their popularity. Detail #2: Fame presents celebrities with amusing forms of entertainment. They get invitations to exclusive red carpet events such as The Oscars, Grammys, and Toronto Film Festival. Celebrities have many options of entertainment that keep them busy and take their mind off conflicts. Ordinary people envy their entertainment options because they wish to escape from the problems in reality.

Most people want to celebrate after they are relieved from a problem, or finish a stressful week of work therefore they wish for celebrities’ nightlife. Detail #3: Celebrities’ entertainment is often free of charge because they attract customers. Businesses find celebrities of upmost significance because of how popular they are. Their popularity is on a macro level so when they attend public places such as clubs their super fans follow. A specific example of their special treatment is when owners of clubs offer celebrities free bottle service in hopes that they choose to party at their club.

Ordinary people have to spend lots of money to have a good time for example, entrance fees to clubs and alcohol expenses. It is no surprise that this is admired amongst society, as everyone would appreciate free entrances to exciting events. Conclusion: Celebrities portray a luxurious lifestyle that is desired therefore, they are significant to contemporary society. Their luxurious lifestyle consists of them being able to maintain their appearance where ever they go, purchase the finest items, have an endless supply of money, as well as fame which brings popularity.Through celebrities luxurious lifestyle they impact society.

Everyone wants what he or she cannot have which is ultimately what the celebrity possesses. People have become so obsessed with their luxuries that they attempt to be connected with them. Future developments of the celebrity may change societies view on them. When majority of society realizes they are regular people and the obsession is controlled they may be looked at negatively more so then today. Knowing too much about a person can harm their image.