Cell Phone Without Using the Letter A Essay

The necessity in trying to comprehend teens of the 21st century is simple knowledge of the function and use of cellular phones. Cell phone, the essential requirement in every young person’s existence holds documents which defines any youth’s life. Besides being used to get in touch with people, the device holds text’s, pictures, memos, reminders, notes, even internet reception which gives any teen the feeling as though they are holding the world by their fingertips. Every teen knows the prominence of owning cell phones, though none would like to comprehend the grief of living without one.

The world where cellular phones did not exist is foreign to the teens of this time period. From the time kids were old enough to go to school without Mom, they processed their first wireless phone. This phone being their first is of the simplest form; it is a prepaid flip phone that introduces them to the value of being connected to others. Because they were connected to the world from a very young age, stories from elders of times when they could only get in touch with people through phones connected to plug is terrifying for even the toughest of high school students, who would tremble by the thought of no wireless connection.

Stories like these provide teens with the recognition of the idyllic world they were brought into, the world where technology is close by. Teens of this time period need their phone with them 24/7, even where the use of wireless phones is prohibited. Teens produced methods to continue using their phones when it is not permitted. Through disguise, sly tricks, plus immense volumes of great skill most students can text during school. During English students hide their cells behind their book, Geometry they pretend to be using the