Cell Phones Are the New Cancer Essay

This article is about if cell phones can cause brain cancer and slows brain metabolism. The scientists had volunteers to test out there theories. The volunteers held a flip phone to their ear for 50 minutes with a signal and then held the phone to their ear for 50 minutes without signal. “metabolism in the region closest to the antenna was significantly higher [about 7 percent] for on than off conditions. ” (nora Volcow) That region includes the orbitofrontal cortex and temporal pole, which are responsible for decision making and auditory processing.The 7 percent increase might actually be on the low end of the spectrum of what people experience after a lengthy phone conversation. these results provide evidence that the human brain is sensitive to the effects of radiofrequency from acute cell phone exposure, the long-term consequences of this slight shift if there are any remain unclear.

Some researchers and concerned individuals still doubt that cell signals are in the clear health-wise, but radiation frequencies, such as UV and x-rays, that are linked to cancer put out much stronger signals than cell phones do. I think this article was somewhat scary.In today’s time almost everyone uses a cell phone, if everybody is at risk for cancer due to the radio frequency, then how are we going to communicate. Also cell phones don’t let out overdose of radiation that would actually be a likely cause to cancer.

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This test was done on flip phones, the oldest of cell phones. How much radiation would there be in a smart phone? Even if cell phone radiation caused cancer, it would probably take a very long period for the effects to start. I also doubt people will cut down talking on the phone, I think majority of people would not give much care. I am a bit dubious on this article.