The social aspects of a society Essay

Censorship is the banning of written work. This has been a subject of debate for some time in schools as parents and teachers tried to decide whether or not certain books should be allowed in schools for students. Censorship should be abolished because it creates a lack of open-mindedness in society, it limits the freedom for people to choose, and it doesn’t prepare students for the real world. Censorship is a short term benefit for schools and a long term problem.

Students will be educated with a school education but when they go out to the real world, they won’t have a clue.A variety of books allow students to develop their education and gain a sense of street smart and common sense. Censorship protects students from reading what they’re not supposed to, that’s true. But on the other hand, students can’t grow and learn without being able to read everything they can and make their own opinions. Another reason why censorship is a horrible idea is that it doesn’t allow people to develop an open mind. Censorship certainly protects people who are sensitive to certain issues. On the other hand, it helps people build misconceptions about things that they don’t understand.

Censorship protects kids from seeing things and reading things that they’re not ready to understand yet. But censorship also helps promote racism and prejudice because people aren’t able to make informed decisions about anyone without first knowing about them. Books help people to understand each other and they can’t do that if we limit what people can read. Lastly, censorship should be abolished because it limits our freedom to choose. Without being able to choose what they want to read, many people will lose interest in reading altogether.Yes, censorship protects certain people from themselves but no has the right to decide for someone else what they should or shouldn’t read.

Without people reading the books, authors will be forced to only write about things that are approved by society. This limits their freedom of expression, too because some authors may be forced not to write about certain subjects. This would also limit freedom of the press as well. You can’t have censorship without infringing on the basic human rights. In conclusion, censorship shouldn’t even be considered.

It’s not something that will have a lasting benefit for society because it limits freedom for people to choose, it creates a lack of open mind, and it also doesn’t prepare students for the real world. Censorship is probably all right in elementary schools, but as students grow older they should be aware that there’s more to learn if they don’t close themselves off and just focus on one thing. If we censor books, then we’re making them focus on just one thing without teaching them that there’s a different world out there and that there is more than one way of looking at things.