CHALLANGE broads spectrum opportunities. Failing to meet

                           CHALLANGE FACE BY MANAGERSA person who controls various activities and departments in an organization is known as a manager. The manager is the cornerstone of any organization. In recent times, they have encountered a great deal of change in terms of their roles, all thanks to the shifts in stages of the company and firms. Managers have right to make their own decisions and guide the staff for the proper functioning of a company. “There are many types of managers for different departments such as marketing managers, financial manager, information managers, human resources managers and many more.

Thus, different managers levels for various purposes.” Starke, E. G., Dracopoulos. (2017). Managing the business enterprise.

In Business essentials (8th Canadian edition ed., p. 3). Pearson.There are various hardships faced by this group in Canada.

The pragmatic one is recruitment. The competition in the market for talented employees is increasing manifolds making it difficult for the managers and related staff to find and select an appropriate candidate. “As per a survey by society for human resources management, employee retention is predicted to be one of the greatest problems for the concerned department.”  Smalley, K.

(2017, May 2). The biggest challenges HR is facing in 2017. Retrieved January 16, 2018, from  Apart from recruitment and retention, juvenile employees expect to be provided an appropriate cultural fit, with flexible routines and broads spectrum opportunities. Failing to meet their demands, the managers and the companies can be at a loss.

Moreover, lack of ideal leadership qualities, diminishing work hours and improper planning add more to this problem. If something wrong happened in the department or team, it is the manager who is responsible for it. They want their employees to work together as a team but sometimes due to long working hours, pressure for achieving the target, competition add stress and anxiety which further rise to some conflicts between them which make the difficult condition for managers to respond to these kinds of problems and to make them work as a team again. Change is also a big challenge for managers in today’s world as when they make any new plans for the betterment of their company so there may be some changes by which customers or employees will not be satisfied and they may not cooperate with managers. Canada, because of developing country is facing many changes in their infrastructure and technical areas and due to globalisation many new or established companies are investing in this country which results in the tough competition resulting in a new challenge for managers to keep them up with the market and had to change their plans regularly.

Globalization also results in an increase of diversity at workplaces which arise difficulties for managers to manage people from another culture and religion. Managers have the huge responsibility balance their personal and professional life by giving proper timing to both personal and professional family.