Change we try to find a few aspects

Change the labels

/A campaign to help people to
develop a different social representation about migrants/

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By Flóra Jakab

My campaign plan is based on
the use of labels. People use labels to define and categorise things. If we
meet something new, something we do not know we try to find a few aspects of it
from we can define them as a part of a category we already know, this way we
will have some information about the new thing and will be able to decide how
to react to it. The aim of my campaign is to show that one label cannot
describe a phenomenon on its own and there are a lot of labels we can use for
the same thing, and those different labels mean different points of view as
well (Smith and Mackie, 2004).

There would be more parts of
the campaign.

First of all, I would like to
use social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the #changethelabels
tag. Social media would be the platform which ensures that the campaign reaches
as many people as possible. It would also work as a newsfeed to inform people
about the events and spread the images of the posters as well.

Secondly, the events. I would
organise several meetings in coffees and bars where people could speak
personally with migrants and the experts of the concept of migration, like
psychologists, anthropologists and the ones who know and understands how
migration and migrants effects our lives.

The aim of the talks would be
to give people the chance to ask freely, and to ask everything they want to
know and to give the opportunity for them to actually meet a migrant in person
and not only see them on the TV. Since the most of the people who have radical
views of migrants have never ever met one in their lives.

The concept of the events is
based on Allport’s Contact hypothesis. With generating contacts between
Hungarians and the migrants I would like to give the opportunity for Hungarians
to judge the foreigners by the information they collected personally. 2


With the face to face talking I would also like to try to
reverse the dehumanisation and generalisation of migrants, to make people see
them as similar to themselves, see them as individual human beings.

And last but
not least, the posters. The idea of the posters is based on a YouTube video by
TV2Danmark with the title All that we share. In the video they make a social
experiment showing how one label does not define people and how we have things
in common with people we thought are totally different from us (1st internet link).

The posters
would show groups which can be defined with the “classic” labels just like the
“Christians”, “Muslims”, “Migrants”, “The rich”, “The poor”, “Gay” and so on.
Under those pictures there would be the ones with the changed labels like
“Likes cats”, “Stepparents”, “Likes music”, “Beat cancer”, “Believe in life
after death”, “In love” or “Feels lonely”. I would use labels people can relate

And there
would be a poster with the people united with the label “Humans”.

The aim of the
campaign to show that they are like us, that migrants are humans just like
Hungarians, there is no difference.


1st internet
link :

The pictures use for the
posters are form the video.

Smith, E.
R., & Mackie, D. M. (2004) Szociálpszichológia. Budapest: Osiris Kiadó