Change Some people believe that the Harlem

of the 1920s

            In the 1920s the Harlem Renaissance helped redefine what
the African American culture is today and ever since then America has never
been the same. Langston Hughes used music, writing, and art to help shape the
American culture. Hughes wanted to involve the past into making the American
culture a more diverse community. He wanted everyone to notice every aspect of racial
inequality. Countee Cullen used writings and plays to help the African American
community, and to show that African Americans matter. Some people believe that
the Harlem Renaissance did not influence the African American culture, they
believe that WWI or the Civil Rights Movement were the most influential events
that shaped the African American culture. Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen
are a few of the African Americans who have been well known to shape the
influential movement known as the Harlem Renaissance, and that is why the
Harlem Renaissance is the best event that shaped the African American culture.  

            First, Langston Hughes is known for his colorful and
realistic portrayal of black life in America, and how it helped redefine the
African American culture. Langston Hughes was a part of the Great Migration which
is a beginning to get blacks migrated to the North, he went to high school in
Salem and then migrated north to Harlem (Hughes). Then he went off to college
in New York City. Hughes appreciated the “writers, actors, and musicians that
glorified African American traditions, and at the same time created new ones” (Hutchinson).
He had a successful career in writing poetry and novels, and as a result of
loving and listening to jazz music so much it started to play a big role in his
life, which had a big influence on his writing. His life and his work was so
important in redefining the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s because he gave a
new meaning or a new life to the American community. Langston Hughes goal was
to portray or send a message through his stories in a way that it can reflect on
the American culture, and help make the African American culture thrive.

            In addition, Countee Cullen is another person who devoted
their life to helping reform the world and making it equal for everyone. Cullen
grew up in a predominately white neighborhood, and he wanted to integrate the
two races together. He did this because he didn’t like that the two races weren’t
blending or coming together as one. Countee Cullen believes that “your grief
and mine must intertwine like sea and river…diverse yet single forever and ever.”
He wanted to say that blacks and whites should not be seen as separate but
should be seen as a whole or as “one” (Cullen). He thinks of the world as if we
are all individuals who act and behave the same therefore no one should be
treated differently than someone else. The Harlem Renaissance changed a lot of
people’s lives for the better, and helped African Americans realize that they
made a positive impact on the world, and will continue to redefine the world
for the better (The Harlem Renaissance).

            However, some people may not agree
that the Harlem Renaissance was the most influential movement in the 1920s. Some
people think that WWI or the Civil Rights movement were the most influential
events that helped shape the African American culture. On the other hand, the
Harlem Renaissance was the most influential event that redefined what it means
to be an African American. The “Jazz Age” was used by many African Americans so
they could listen to blues and jazz music, as the defining features of the Harlem
Renaissance (Wintz). Music, Musical Theater, and literature were the three main
things that helped shape the African American community (Wintz).

you can see, Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen both achieved their goal by helping
redefine the 1920s, and making Harlem a diverse neighborhood. The Harlem Renaissance
created a whole new world to African Americans that they thought would never
happen. It helped them come to a realization that life gets better as long as
you don’t give up hope, and soon enough you will start to see a change in your
environment. Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen are two of the most well-known
people who have tremendously helped shape the African American community. They will
forever be remembered, and even though the future is approaching and the past
is starting to disappear before our eyes. Even though some people may disagree with
this event, the Harlem Renaissance was the most influential event of the 1920s,
and it impacted the African American culture the most. Overall, The Harlem Renaissance
used novels, poetry, plays, and jazz music to help make the 1920s a diverse and
better community that offers a better living for African Americans.





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