Channeling Students into a Gifted Program Essay

Early Intervention can help to enhance the child’s development, provide support and assistance to the family, and to maximize the child’s and family’s benefit to society. Children who are found to be profoundly gifted will be given academic based test and a creativity based test. This will identify what level of intervention is needed if any. How students can be referred to or identified for the program We rely mostly on teacher nominations to begin the process of testing to see if the student will be placed in the program.

Parents and the student themselves can be nominators, but they will ultimately have to go through the teacher to be tested and recommended to the program. Program In order to achieve meaningful academic and intellectual growth, gifted students must experience advanced curriculum content that is both discipline-specific and integrated/interdisciplinary. The content, pacing, and depth of instruction must be appropriately differentiated and should emphasize critical and creative thinking.

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Gifted learners should participate in a well-defined, sequential affective curriculum that revolves around personal/social awareness and understanding, social and emotional adjustment, and academic planning and career exploration. (Hillard City School District, 2002) Peer Socialization In order to gain a balanced sense of themselves and their abilities, and to realize their full potential, gifted students must have extended opportunities to interact in meaningful ways with peers who have similar abilities and interests (Hillard City School District, 2002).

Periodic Screenings Students will be screened regularly to insure that they are not being overwhelmed by the increased work load or level of instruction. If they are found to be adjusting well to the program the teacher can nominate them again for further intervention such as grade skipping or early college instruction.


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