chapter 1

                                                       CHAPTER 1      INTRODUCTION OF DAIRYING ASA SUSTAINABLE OCCUPATION IN TWIN CITIES INTRODUCTION:Dairying is no doubt playing animportant role in twin cities.  Itincludes the occupational levels of dairy farming and milk providers/vendors intotal milk production in and around the districts of twin cities.  In most of the districts of Telangana, cattle(cowsand buffaloes) are grown under traditional methods on small scale to ensuremaximum milk production in and around twin cities with proper business plan,well managed activities and care towards cattle earn profits from this sector.

Dairying is a traditional businesswhich can be run easily by family members and can be considered as sustainableoccupation. Dairying consists of organized farming and unorganized farming. Itis eco-friendly and does not pollute the environment.

  It does not require highly skilled labor asit can be easily set up on small scale.Several initiatives and yearly planswere introduced by Government of Telangana in order to boost dairy sector.  Chief Minister K. Chandra Sekhara Raoshowered incentives and subsidies for dairy sector in districts of Telangana.Farmers will get Rs.4 incentive for per litre of milk, 75% of subsidy for SC/STand 50% of subsidy for buying buffalo.

The distribution of buffaloes would comeinto existence after 2months where each buffalo costs around Rs.50,000 toRs.60,000.

The financial incentives are to belaunched from September 24, 2017 and which will be applicable to all the dairydevelopment societies. Under this Vijaya Dairy Development society, NalgondaDairy, Ranga Reddy Dairy and Karimnagar Dairy district development societiesenjoy these benefits.  Currently, the state’s total milkproduction from 3 main societies is around 7 lakh litres and represents thirdlargest dairy market in India.  India isemerging as a global economic power where economy is growing at an average rateof 8% to 9% from last couple of years.NEED FOR THE STUDY:The need for the study includes thedairying as sustainability of dairy farmers in dairying business which is themain livelihood to the occupants. Over few decades’ dairying has increased inproportion to the population growth in twin cities. A need was felt to studythe dairying business as a sustainable occupation in twin cities which is atraditional form of growing business.

OBJECTIVES FOR THE STUDY:1.         Tostudy dairying in twin cities 2.         Tostudy dairying as a sustainable occupation in twin cities.3.         Toanalyze growth of dairying as a sustainable occupation in twin cities.4.         Tosuggest measures to increases the role of dairying occupation as sustainable occupation.SCOPE OF THE STUDY: Scope of the study is confined to the analysiswith the responses from the dairy occupants with respect to benefits andlimitations of dairy related production in twin cities of Telangana.

METHODOLOGY: The methodology of the study includes primaryand secondary data.Primary data will be collected throughquestionnaire and structured interview schedule.  Data will then be tabulated and put tosuitable statistical tests and conclusions are drawn.

Secondary data will be obtained fromnewspapers, magazines, articles, journals, books and websites.LIMITATIONS:1.         Primarydata may be biased as the sample size is small and profile of dairy respondentsis heterogeneous (diverse) and accuracy of the interpretations made on the samecan vary if the sample increases.2.

         Asthe study of dairying in early stages of dairy farming, the findings of thestudy might not be conclusive.3.         Thestudy is solely confined to the analysis of dairy occupation with the respectto the view points of consumers, dairy farmers and Government.