CHAPTER a task. Every student takes a



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In  this 
chapter,  the  researcher 
presents  the  conclusion 
and suggestions  following  the research. 
The  first section  is  the
conclusion  of  the 
research   and  the 
second  is  the 
suggestion dealing with the teaching and learning process  also for the further research.

5.1  Conclusion

This research has shown that the use of Jigsaw II technique is
helpful to improve reading skills of the students. Jigsaw II technique can
stimulate students in learning English reading text. It is shown from Dependent
T-test result which got 0.022 < 0.05. It means that the use of Jigsaw II technique has improved score in reading as indicated in the result of statistical calculation. The students need new atmosphere in classroom so that by implementing Jigsaw II technique it could overcome the difficulties in learning English. The use of jigsaw II technique creates a cooperative environment where students work in group to accomplish a task.  Every student takes a responsibility in the practice of peer teaching that requires them to foster depth of understanding the material. This also provides meaningful contribution for students to resolve the matter in their discussion group. Thus, Jigsaw II is an effective teaching technique to improve students' reading skill. 5.2  Suggestions             After conducting this research, the researcher suggests the following recommendations: 5.2.1        Suggestion for The Teacher The researcher recommends the teacher in teaching English to apply Jigsaw II technique in teaching reading skill especially because this research has proved that jigsaw II is an effective technique to improve the reading skill. The effectiveness can be gained through the things that should be noticed by the teacher. The teacher should have a good preparation about the teaching and learning process. The noteworthy matter that must be regarded is that the teacher has to control and manage the teaching and learning process carefully when using Jigsaw II technique. The teacher should properly divide every material that being taught into few parts. It is important that the teacher has to make sure that the students do not go out of the material. Therefore, the teacher can give a proper test before returning to the home group such as written test beside the oral test that was used by the researcher. Moreover, paying attention to use the time accurately is important. Teacher should determine about how long the time that will be used to every step of Jigsaw II technique. Additionally, the significant matter in Jigsaw II grouping is that the members should be heterogenic based on the student's ability or background. The teacher also has to take notice to the student to make sure that every student does their role correctly. 5.2.2        Suggestion for The Student The students is suggested to keep on motivating and improving their reading skill more intensively. To enrich students' vocabulary, they have to practice in reading English books and etc. In supporting the reading comprehension improvement, the students not only able to comprehend the written text by practice to read a lot English book but also need to practice with their friend to speak English so they will more understand if they practice directly in the real environment. 5.2.3        Suggestion for further researchers This research highly recommends for further researchers to develop Jigsaw II technique for teaching in other skills. It is also suggested in a further research to implement Jigsaw II-based instruction in different level of students, such as; junior or senior high school. The researcher also hopes this research can be reference for further researchers to conduct similar research in the different field.