CHAPTER Transwater comprises of several divisions, each




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Transwater combines
technology, reliable products, engineering capabilities, best-in-class
application consulting and project management, with industry expertise and
life-cycle services to provide integrated solutions with a local touch and
professionalism. Since 1981, Transwater has been in collaboration and business
partner with world’s leading technologies innovators and manufacturers that
have the depth of expertise and breadth of technologies to take on our
customer’s toughest challenges and bring predictable success anytime, anywhere.

With more than 30 years
of expertise and a proven track record, Transwater has grown to become a
respected leading solutions provider in the areas of Final Control and Regulate
instrumentation, Measurement and Control, Multiphase Flow Metering solutions
and related life-cycle services for onshore and offshore applications. We are
one of the pioneers and the leading supplier for metering and regulating skids
in Malaysia since 1990, and todak a well recognized Gas Contractor in area of
natural gas transmission and distribution.

Transwater comprises of
several divisions, each focused in a specialized and individual core area of
expertise, ranging from control valves, valve automation and valve monitoring
solutions to remote automation system and EPCC ( Engineering, Procurement,
Contruction & Commissioning) for liquid, gas and multiphase flow metering
system. Over three decades, we have delivered proven result to many customers
especially in the key industries like Oil and Gas, Refining, Petrochemicals,
Chemical, Power, Utilities, Pulp & Paper and Manufacturing. Transwater also
the holder of PETRONAS License.

Trasnwater recognize
that the implementation of good occupational Health, Safety and Environmental
(HSE) practices are critical to achieve operational excellence for continued
business success and sustainability. Transwater is committed to cultivate and
embed HSE


 best practices in its business activities for
the interest and the protection of our employees, customers, contractors, other
stakeholders and the environment.
























The main activities for
the Transwater is Metering solution and related life-cycle services for onshore
and offshore. Transwater are not the Oil and Gas company but there are do the
Refining Project, Petrochemical Project, Chemical Project, Power, Utilities ,
Pulp & Paper and Manufacturing Project

Many project has been
success for Transwater such as PCSB LGAST Metering, EPCC for Petronas Carigali
Labuan Gas Terminal (LGAST) was upgraded and do some Pipeline Project. Scope
involves supply of three Cuscody and Allocation Gas Metering Skids. This
project was the first ANSI 2500 Gas Metering project installed in Malaysia.
Another Petronas Carigali project was success by the Transwater, EPCC for PCSB
SOGT Meterin. 2 units Crude Oil Metering Skids, 1 Units Condensate Metering
Skid with large 36″ Bi-directional Prover and 1 unit Gas Metering Skid thru
Samsung Engineering (main contractor). After that, Transwater also do the gas
project (NGV). EPCC for Petronas Gas NGV City Gates Odorizer and Odor Removal
System for Kerteh, Gambang and Tronoh. This is the first flow tracking odorizer
system in Petronas Gas. Transwater also get the project outside the Malaysia
such as PCIHB GARRAF MPFM in Iraq. EPCC for PCIHBV is the first Commercial
Production Facilities ( Well Cluster 1 & 2) metering. 2 units Accuflow
Multiphase Flow Metering System for high chloride application. Fabrication in
Malaysia. Installation, commissioning & maintenance by Transwater at site
first MPFM in Iraq and Transwater are doing the project by upgrade the metering
at Myanmar. This project is under Petronas Carigali Myanmar Yetagun Metering
System. The RAS S600 Flow Computer upgrade and change were done online without
the need of shut down.

Transwater also have
the services and educational capabilities and this is one of the company
activities, for the