CHAPTER with problems with external atmosphere. There



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1.1       Introduction:

21st century is the century of
challenges, not only for individuals but also for organizations as well.
Survival rate and quality with prosperity are associated with changes within
the organizations. Now a day, organizations are fighting for the implementation
of changes which may synchronize the compatibility of organizations with the
global requirements. Those organizations who want to excel in the market, their
main objective is to access demand of (external) world market and build
internal capacity to fulfill the requirements. My study is based upon INVOTECH
EXCELL FZCO, excelling and leading company in United Arab Emirates. INVO TECH
is facing tremendous pressure due to ancient type of internal mechanism to deal
with problems with external atmosphere.

There is only one factor which can completely
diverse the fate of an organization that is change. But change is that factor
which completely change the mind set of implementer firstly and then style of
implementation gain all the importance. Most of the failed attempts of
implementations are failed due to failed strategy. Employees’ resistance is a
major threat to organizational change process. Employees mostly show reactive
response towards change.

INVO TECH EXCEL established in 2008 and then
shifted to JAFZA in 2010. INVO TECH is based on health care sector and manufactures
medical related products like operational instruments and other surgical
accessories at affordable prices and have demand all around the world.

INVO TECH is willing to serve the humanity in
terms of health care related issues by providing quality products and
affordable prices which is most important by market point of view. Affordable prices
gives space in market to INVO TECH and quality products sustain the customers
as well as attract more customers. In present era requirements of customers are
changing day by day, so it is very essential to keep up to date level of
organization to meet with global challenges. In this scenario change is vital


Change in an
organization is not only the formality. It means that diversification or deflection
of present state of mechanism and essential to achieve goals effectively. When organization
tries to implement change, employees resist. Most of the organizations faced
resistance from employees and very bad impression also imposed upon the
management. Employees seeks their own interests, due to this reason they make
unions and create hurdles to implement any change. INVO TECH want to upgrade
the manufacturing and marketing mechanism which is automate system. Background
of this study is based upon challenges to implement change. 

1.3       Objectives:


Major objectives of this thesis are:

To check
the level of resistance from employees towards change,

identify those factors which causes resistance to change in the organization?

findings will help us to understand implementation of change process INVOTECH Excel FZCO in the form of
suggestions and recommendations.


1.4       Significance:


After understanding and going through all the change process, we will be
able to check the level of resistance by employees in INVOTECH EXCELL FZCO. We
will also find out the magnitude and intensity of resistance and then factors
effects employees towards resistance. At the end we will suggest how to reduce
intensity of resistance and how to reduce conflict between the employees.