Chapter Lombard said “an accident? In what

Chapter 9Everybody is talking about the accident. Lombard said “an accident? In what way?”The people had tongue and cold ham for lunch.  They also had cheese and biscuits with tinned fruit. The stores are being cheap Lombard said.  The weather is changing to strong winds.  Somebody started running on the terrace.Dr.

Armstrong was breathing heavy.  He said General MaCarthur is dead.  Vera left the room very sad. Rogers followed vera and said there are only seven left.  Everybody was quiet, some were knitting and some were just staring at things. General had heart failure or something like that.

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No weapon was used.Everyone is talking to the Judge.  The Judge is saying one of us is U.N.

Owen a little indian boy.  Lombard said leave the women out of it.  The Judge said that that would not be fair.  Someone took cocktails to the terrace for lunch.  Vera said we are all going to die.  One person is very dangerous.Chapter 10It was storming and pouring down rain.

  Lombard said “You mean when Wargrave said it was one of us who killed everyone.”  Lombard said he is logically right it is one of us, this thing’s incredible.  Everyone is talking and questioning who it is.  In the last chapter one more indian goes missing.  They want a boat to come get them.  The boat can’t come through the storm.One person thinks the Judge knows who the killer is.  Miss Brent starts to write in a book.

  She writes about the deaths she knew about.  Some don’t understand what she is doing. They think the murderer is Beatrice Taylor.  The curtains are missing from the bathroom.  They just vanished.The group is trying to use process of elimination to find the murderer. Someone is watching everybody.  They think U.

N. Owen means unknown.  The signature is the same on both names, Vera said this is mad how could this be.  The murderer is one of us said Wargrave. Everyone was questioning.Chapter 11Lombard went to Blore’s room to tell him Rodgers was missing.  Lombard went down the hall to find everybody else.

  The plan was for everyone to stay together.  Miss Brent ended up missing also. She did walk through the door and said she was walking around the island alone.  When they walked into the dining room they discovered only 6 china pieces in the middle of the tableWhen they went outside they found Rodgers in the wash house where he was chopping sticks.  He was dead with a big gash in the back of his head.Vera and Emily went to the Kitchen.  Blore said there were no fingerprints on the weapon it had been wiped clean.  Vera started acting crazy and told them about the idiotic rhyme that had been hanging in all their rooms.

  Dr Armstrong slapped her in the face to make her come to her senses.  Blore and Lombard think Miss Brent may be the murderer.  Vera went back to make breakfast and she began talking to herself.Vera and Emily talked about being afraid to die.  The talked about being right with God.

  They all sat down to eat breakfast together. During the meal they all acted like everything was normal.  The all acted with the best manners.  But they were all having thoughts to themselves.Chapter 12Vera was cleaning and Wargrave was talking.

  Dr Armstrong offered Emily medicine. Emily said no.  Emily is tired and hears buzzing.  Emily is afraid she is alone. She then got stung by a bee.Blore wants to go get Emily.  Blore is stopped from getting her. The Judge is told to make a little trial.

  Dr. Armstrong observes Miss Brents demeanor very carefully.  Dr.

Armstrong examines Emily well.  Emily is dead from poison which was injected into her with a syringe.They are suspicious of Lombard.  Lombard’s room is raided by the others.  Lombard was upset when he discovered this.

  This is when Emily’s body was found. They also found the syringe which was used as the murder weapon.